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New York SophisticateKC wrote: I found out yesterday that there are some “healing trees” here at Pottawatomie Park and that you would be able to tell me where they are. I live close to the park.

Response from Atala: All trees are healing, it depends upon the person and which trees the person is attracted to. If you want to connect to the trees who are in sync with your energy, I recommend/suggest the following:

Go to the park and as you enter pause for a moment. Feel you are entering a friend’s home – in this case the domain of the resident nature deva (spirit). Respectfully and cooperatively acknowledge this is their home, and that you would like to visit with them and their colleagues. Let them know you would like to communicate with them, should anyone wish to share information/energy with you. Then be very sensitive as to anything on your walk that is out of the ordinary – a feeling to go in a specific direction, a special light or energy you sense somewhere. Following that sense and quietly pause in the location and do your best to come into resonance with its energy.

When you do this, if you hear, see or sense something, permit it to occur. Nature spirits communicate on a different frequency band from humans. You and the nature spirits will work to come into common space and then you can share.

Sometimes they will have a favor to ask of you and sometimes you will have a favor to ask of them. That’s the way it is with friends! I hope this gives you a start.

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