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Just as we might take vitamins or other supplements, we can use our stones in the same way. That is because we have the same chemical/mineral makeup as is in each stone, so each element is passed between us energetically as we pass by or hold a crystal/gemstone. Most of us will feel a difference in our energy fields as we work with stones.crystals for healing

Now when we speak of the healing power of stones, we are speaking on an energetic level and insist that anyone using these stones understand that they are not replacements for any present medical condition. Stones are an enhancement to our health.

It has been my experience and training to experience these crystals/gemstones in  a very unique way. I learned that all things have a consciousness and all  things deserve respect. Personally, unless asking permission, I do not connect with a stone. There are many lifeforms here on this planet which exist in other dimensions as well. With this understanding, one is able to communicate and receive knowledge and healings.

In using the term healing, as in “the healing power of crystal/gemstones,” we are speaking of healing on a spiritual level and not a physical level. Although that might be a benefit as well. Spiritually healing assists on one’s life journey and works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This type of healing works by removing discordant energy, by replacing it with positive energies that balance and harmonize one’s physical body. Many times, healing occurs without providing a cure, but the person is in a position of grace and understanding. With this in mind, we also understand that both Western and alternative medicines are both valid.

It is well understood that meditation and positive thought and actions both create a healthy body. That the highest goal of everyone is to live healthy and when doing that, we make the right choices. With that in mind, we return to crystals /gemstones, herbs/elixirs and other alternative practices available.

In the use of these stones, respect them, understand them, and use them wisely. They are very useful tools in one’s life and health. How you use them is important. Ask yourself this: this stone promises life, vitality and wealth. If I buy it, will it give me that? Yes and No. If you buy the stone and wait for that promise to happen, it probably will not. If, however, you buy the stone, work with it (meditate with it) and then focus on and proceed to move into those promised goals, then yes. In order to achieve a goal, you have to work for it.

Stones to help in healing.

Carnelian – A stone of creativity, vitality, motivation, and high energy. Promoting positive life choices.

Dioptase – A heart healer. Helps with living in the moment.

Emerald – Calms the emotions. Gives physical mental and emotional stability. Promotes recovery after infections.

Fluorite – Amplifies healing in many areas.

Quartz – A healing stone on many levels.

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