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Halite enhances good will, elevates mood and diminishes negativity. It encourages initiative and independent thought. It also provides cleansing of the aura and energy body, acting according to its color. While it comes in a number of colors, Crystal Life chose to focus on the pale white/peach halite, for this type harnesses the power of the heart while it helps to remove densities and other obstructions that stand in the way of people accessing their own inner guidance. It is an excellent tool for energy workers seeking to clear themselves or their clients of the many levels of frequency debris floating through our world at this time of multiple crises. We have a number of specimens in stock, of varying sizes and prices. For more details, please call the store.

Halite helps prevent entity attachment when under the influence of drugs or drink, or in spaced out situations. (Does not provide a license to drink or do drugs.) The pink variety prevents spirit attachment. An effective stone for the process of purification.  It draws out impurities that are lodged in the soul from previous lifetimes or present experiences.

Halite is an evaporative stone – it is a form of rock salt (Sodium Chloride) that is water soluble. Halite comes from many locations around the world, the most abundant supply being the large saline sedimentary deposits in California.

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