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We are seeing a reintegration of the masculine and feminine energies, sky and earth. This means that nature is going to be taking back its role in the lives of humans. It is time to show the Earth and its beings the same respect that we give to ourselves and to fellow humans.

garden-gridThis is a small grid that is easy to assemble and is intended to be placed in the center of your garden. The combination of these stones will amplify your plants’ energy as well as proliferate their growth.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(2) Moss Agate – Harmonizes masculine and feminine energies. Strong connection with nature. Reduces sensitivity to environmental pollutants.

(2) Rose Quartz – Peace. Balances discordant energies with love. It also releases any impurity in the system.

(1) Copper – Harmonically connects the physical and astral bodies. It works to magnify energy transfer.

(1) Clear Quartz – Balances and amplifies energy.

(1) Unakite Donut – Powerful Earth stone with an affinity for nature. It offers a pleasant grounding energy.

This is a layout with four points in order to honor the four directions of the Earth. For this reason, the square shape supplies a stable platform for energies to ground effectively.

Though the donut variation of unakite is not necessary, it was chosen because of its toroidal shape. Merriam-Webster defines a toroid as “a surface generated by a closed plane curve rotated about a line that lies in the same plane as the curve but does not intersect it.” This is the path of our energy fields – everything from a grain of sand to the entire earth itself. Incorporating this into a grid eases the energy flow, and with intention can expand the area covered. A flat tumbled piece of unakite would do well to replace the toroid.

The final component of this grid is a piece of clear quartz. If there are any plants that may require an additional energy boost from this grid, I suggest placing a clear quartz near the roots. Quartz will amplify the energy of the plant, thus allowing for it to grow with more efficiency. The quartz will work with the plant itself, as well as channel the energy of the grid to the plant.

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