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The Spring Equinox arrives every March, or September if you live in the Southern Hemisphere! A time of rebirth, of planting seeds for the future, a time when all of nature bursts out of their long deep sleep with vibrant colors. This Spring Equinox grid harnesses the possibilities of spring – new beginnings, manifestation, wisdom, and new growth. 

Crystal grids are potent energy matrixes that need to be created with the highest intents and to be maintained carefully. When recreating this grid, keep your mind on the positive aspects of spring you are hoping to amplify. Avoiding idle chatter while laying out the gird also helps to keep the energy of the grid at the highest energy.  

Crystal Grid | Spring Equinox | Crystal LifeAmethyst Portal or Tumbled Amethyst Center piece – A spiritual stone, it connects to higher entities including the fairy realm. Brings peace and wisdom.

Aquamarine – Breaks old, self-defeating patterns. Stimulates change and brings acceptance and calmness.

Moss Agate – Connects to plant life. A stone of growth and abundance.

Seraphinite – Connects to Angelic realms. Opens heart chakra for love. Stimulates the crown chakra for enlightenment.

Golden Labradorite – Brings higher wisdom. Enhances psychic abilities.

This grid has a lot of sunburst energy, which energizes a whole area. Place the amethyst portal first and work in an outward fashion, creating an energy circuit, until the grid is complete. The lines of the grid are important, so make sure they have uninterrupted energy by keep them inline with one another. When you are done using this grid, remove the stones in reverse order that they were laid down and cleanse the space that grid had been placed. 

This Crystal Grid was created by Marissa Lada, a former Crystal Life employee. 

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