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VictorIt is important to maintain clear boundaries in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. This is a crystal grid to create a healthy balance between offering help and receiving prosperity.

In this grid there are several shapes working together. The outer most Merkabah is composed of Tiger’s Eye (the upward facing triangle), and Citrine (the downward facing triangle); between each of these are Clear Quartz points. There is a small merkabah made completely of Ruby, and in the center there is a Fuchsite specimen.

Tigers Eye is a grounding, protective stone. It also assists in reaching goals by showing you your own available resources. It helps you to pull together scattered details in order to complete a whole. Tiger’s eye opens the users eyes to their own needs as well as the needs of others.

Citrine is a great cleanser and energizer. It attracts prosperity, success, and abundance of all things good. Citrine helps to analyze a given situation, and increases self-esteem. Many people who require professional aid are full of sadness, citrine can offer your clients a bit of sunshine.

Ruby increases drive and motivation. It stimulates and balances the heart. When working as a practitioner it is important to establish boundaries, defining your energy from your clients. Ruby protects the Heart Chakra from being drained in these situations. Also a stone of abundance, ruby helps to maintain wealth and passion for life and pulls negativity to the surface in order for it to be transmuted.

Fuchsite offers insight on relationships with other people. When in “Doctor Mode,” it helps to channel the most efficient holistic remedy. Fuchsite makes it easier to access knowledge regarding health matters and overall well-being. It works to reverse martyrdom, releasing the need to offer everything possible even when doing so compromises healthy balance. Fuchsite helps us to stand by and allow others to learn the lessons that they need to experience.

Finally, Clear Quartz points outward connecting all of the different levels of this grid. The points allow energy to freely flow in and out. It amplifies the energies of the other stones present in the grid, making each of them more affective. Quartz knows when and how to adjust to the vibrational level of the person needing healing, then tuning the persons energy back into it’s most perfect state.

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