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If the goal of the new consciousness children is to bring the world to a higher level of love, to help everyone to exist from the fourth chakra, what is our part in achieving this goal? The simple answer is that they are the teachers and we are the students and we need to pay attention to the lesson so that we may apply this knowledge to assist in the creation and evolution of our world.  Not all of the lessons are pretty, in fact they are often detrimental to the individuals who make up the new consciousness, yet everything they do is in the name of love and assisting the souls they touch.

The new consciousness children are very much like every other child, having the same basic needs, hopes, dreams and desires.  They too, are affected by the environments they live in, having chosen these surroundings to go through various life experiences that will hopefully create sparks of expanded and growing aspects of love.  Some have chosen challenging home lives, others may come from a loving home but they may have something physically wrong, or have learning capabilities that challenge not only the parents but also our medical and educational systems.  The possibilities are endless, yet so perfectly planned to assist our growth.

Many new consciousness children adopt addictive behaviors because they are overwhelmed by the cruelty and lack of love that exists. Some become food addicts; those who are empathic typically carry extra pounds as a protective shield. Others may choose relationships, perpetually dating or become sexual permissive in search for the love and total acceptance that has been lacking in their home life.  Loners are those who understand not to engage in destructive behaviors – however their disengagement is just as big of a cry for help as other possibilities.  Some new consciousness youth are perceived as  “popular” but popular in today’s school hierarchy doesn’t typically equate to kind, thoughtful, considerate and a positive role model. This type of popularity in middle school is often based on fear tactics – they must be respected otherwise the other students may be humiliated by them,  bully them or be seen as unworthy. At the high school level popularity is often based on how often the student participates in partying. The more open to different aspects of partying, the wider their group of friends. Drugs and alcohol are typical ways to hide from emotions and a reality that is just too hard and they don’t know where to turn to find a better one.  Their gifts and innate knowledge squashed because of the negativity they endure.

And yet, these issues, every one of them, are a part of the wake up call to our population that something has gone wrong in our society and we need to find a solution that is at the heart of the matter, the core level of how we relate to one another as a species. It cannot just be a diagnosis and a shaking of heads at the thought of “how did we get here.” We must own that our practices as a species have not evolved or have devolved. We have created this reality and we can fix it.  As a society we need to start valuing people and relationships more than we value the job or material possessions.

So what can we do start the healing and move towards a more heart centered existence? As always, such answers always start at the most obvious beginning, ourselves. Whether or not you have a child who challenges your capability to love, every one of us has the ability to help create a better, more loving world for all of humanity. Exercises in patience, in non-judgment, in compassion – they’re put before us daily and we choose how we react. Often our less loving reactions are based on fear or are learned from life experiences and role models from our past.  Deep breathes and attempting to quiet the mind allow us to release those moments of judgment and we can see the individual for who they truly are, a spark of the universe who at their core wants and deserves to be loved as well as you & I want to be.

Another key aspect is for our society to start accepting individualism – to embrace each persons unique character instead of trying to create a society of drones that have no free will or choice. Each one of us has the right to be true to ourselves and not feel pressured to conform. Conformity is feeding the ego, and not living as a heart centered individual.  With youth some level of conformity is done as an exploration to what “fits” best or what feels right for the individual, but as adults we need to allow our youth to have those quirky clothes or hair cuts and color for a time. It’s an exploration of self that will often change as the child becomes more secure in who they are.  We need not be threatened if they want to explore other religions, or are curious about other political affiliations than the ones we prescribe to. We are entrusted with these souls until they can fly on their own. If we come from the heart, their individualism is a joy and a delight. If you’re having difficulty in accepting aspects such as these, an honest exploration of needing validation in your own choices would be a wise place to start so that letting them step on their own path is easier and healthier for everyone involved.

Some individuals are easy to love, but those who challenge us, those who stretch our limits, these individuals are the ones who require the most love and are teaching us the important lessons that stretch our hearts and souls in ways we never knew was possible.


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