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We call him our crystal meister! Gary Lupton has worked for Crystal Life longer than any other salesGrandfather-Buffalo-3 associate, ten years. Always happy to help our customers match their needs to the right stone, Gary has worn many hats during his tenure at Crystal Life,  including blog author and instructor of our former Saturday morning classes and workshops.

Formerly a Baptist minister, Gary is also a Shaman. Gary has a wealth of knowledge in many different areas that make him a very valuable member of staff. 

How old were you when you began to have an interest in becoming a Medicine Man?

The late 1990’s – and I just do what I do, I don’t label myself as “Shaman.” You give of yourself and if that feels like Shamanic energy to someone, then that’s what it is. 

Gary, you’ve recently successfully battled cancer, were there any rituals, crystals, mantras that helped you during your illness?

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz

I used smokey quartz bracelets after radiation, and slept with rose quartz, selenite, mystic merlinite, and shungite.

You’ve worked for Atala for a number of years, what are some of the changes that are most notable for you, from your early days to present.

I’ve worked for Atala for ten years. It’s been consistent in how we present the stones, in an honest and humble way. Since 2012, there seems to be a lot more awakened people, as well as an increased interest in the stones and what they do.

What’s your favorite crystal and why?

Depends on the day…kyanite, quartz, selenite, etc. I respect them all and they, in turn, work with me.

You get asked a lot of questions by our guests when shopping for stones, what is your favorite piece of advice that you offer?

Respect the stones.

What’s your favorite word?




What’s your least favorite word?

The blank rune, ’cause it’s always showing up.

What’s your favorite sound?

The inner drum or heart beat.



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