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Having worked with crystals over the past several years, I have experienced the many ways to clear crystals and gemstones always advancing in the techniques, tweaking them here and there. Perhaps many are aware of the classic ways of clearing which I will share here.

If you have taken crystal classes you are told one of two ways. The first is to set the crystal or gemstone in a bowl of sea salt for several hours or overnight. The second is to put 1/4 tsp. of sea salt in water and to let the stones sit in the solution for several hours or overnight. You may use Quartz clusters, Selenite, or Kyanite to clear your stones as well. You may place your crystals or gemstones in brown rice or bury them in the Earth. I frequently use a lit sage bundle or incense stick to clear my stones.

African Citrine

It has been part of my responsibility to clear the store at the end of the day when I am working. That in itself is a different technique of clearing energies typical of a house clearing. When I do this I am generally sweeping over the shelves holding the stones. In this way I am clearing any energies that the stones have picked up during the day.

We have recently been working with the First People, those who were here before Humans (refer to Atala’s blog for more information on them). I have not had to clear the store for some time and as a result was saying how much I missed it. So the suggestion was to connect to the First People and ask if they would show me how they did it. Here is the process.

One needs to expand their Merkaba Field, connect into the heart energy and allow one’s field to fill with that heart energy. What one releases then is unconditional love which is allowed to permeate and flow outward embracing the crystal/gemstones to clear them. There is no sense of “There is negativity here” or “This energy is nasty.” It is a process of simply loving the stones into a harmonic balance. White and Dark light are used in the clearing.

Again, there are many ways to clear stones. This is the way the First People do it.

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