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For many years we have been hearing about the return of the Divine Feminine and may even have asked ourselves what is it, or what does it mean. Let’s take a quick look.

This energy has been called by many names such as Gaia, Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine, and Goddess Energy. We will look at it in the light of Mother Nature. Many (almost all) ancient peoples acknowledged the presence of this feminine mother energy within their societies. Statuettes have been found 30 to 100,000 years old at many sites. Until about 7 to 10 thousand years ago, the feminine Mother energy was prevalent in all areas of the lives of people. The last official Goddess Temple closed in 500 AD. This was the temple of Isis which functioned for a thousand years. However one chooses to define this feminine energy, it has been making a comeback in the world today.

More people today are feeling the need for community and compassion as we band together with common goals. Especially as it relates to nature and the Earths eco system. As we approach this energy as Goddess or Mother Nature, we are developing a more compassionate concern not only for family and friends, but also for all areas of opposition. A strong connection to the Earth and its environment prevails against pollution, global warming, and other major issues.

Many are able to converse with her on many levels. Our connections to the Elemental Kingdoms are opening up as communication on all levels of consciousness are expanding. We are conversing with the Devas, Fairies, Mineral, and Vegetable Kingdoms as well.

This energy of the Goddess also brings us to a greater understanding of our female companions. The ancients again honored the Divine Feminine, “The female matriarchy as the provider of abundance on all levels. Whether it was food in all of its levels, nourishment and nourishing or guidance”. There was a time that our female companions were honored and respected. Today we “Men” on many levels are realizing women as equals and respecting them. Men are also connecting to their feminine side, without fear of being complete. We fully realize the masculine and feminine as equal and the necessity of both in active use for balance.

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