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Two sisters came in today to get a gift for their mother, who has cancer. They asked if we had a stone that could help her in some way. Something special for a loved one with cancer is, alas, a frequent question we get!

rose quartz angelAventurine Heart - 1 1/2"We helped the sisters to put together a gift that would bring loving, positive energy into the situation. Together, we surveyed our stones and they decided to create a small “inspiration” box for their mother. Inside was a rose quartz angel and an aventurine heart. The rose quartz angel is to remind their mother that the angels are watching over her, and that the universe is a loving energy. The green aventurine – a green quartz – is to send her body healthy frequencies as she works to restore it to sound health.

These items are inspirational and provide health benefits as well. After a person has attended to all the medical issues related to the cancer, it is good to do whatever else can help the body, mind and spirit to clear and rebalance. Something selected from the rose quartz and aventurine (green quartz) family of stones is a good solution.

The quartz family of stones is known for its clearing, balancing and energizing qualities. It is, molecularly, a tetrahedron shape, which is in sacred geometry a creating and healing light form. The different colors come from the introduction of other minerals. Aventurine (green quartz) helps to generate healthy new growth, and a gift of something green quartz to hold or wear (stone, bracelet, necklace) during chemotherapy treatments helps the wearer to focus on restoring their body to health. A piece of rose quartz offers soothing, gentle yet strong energy, helping the person to be in a state of love during this formative period of recovery.

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