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We are so grateful that our readers want to share with us their personal photographs that show anomalies they are seeking to understand, or wish to show others. One such anomaly is lens flare, and the accompanying images that this produces. I started this article intending to demonstrate the principles with reader images, then realized it was not fair of me to do so to someone’s beloved image, so I am using my own photographs to demonstrate these principles.Bear Mound Spirits

Lens flare comes most often when the camera is facing towards a very strong light, and the light streaming across the lens surface catches various parts of the camera elements, producing essentially pictures of the light itself.

A trip through the internet will produce a large number of articles both pro and con about the real existence of orbs and photographic anomalies, and whether the images are of dust, rain, snow, insects, strong light bouncing about internal to the camera elements itself, or if some sort of life form was captured on film.

There are a number of unanswered questions that occur when an expert uses “intellectual reasoning” to explain away EVERY occurrence of anomalies in photos. There are photos in which lens flare has revealed, in the altered frequency, images of distinct forms whose energy a sensitive has picked up as existing in the scene. That is what occurred when I took the photograph shown left.  I captured a wonderful lens flare, which I could see in the camera as I photographed the scene, with all the marvelous geometric anomalies. It is what I didn’t see as I photographed that is of interest.

This is a photograph of a bear mound in Devils Lake State Park, WI. The site was excavated in the late 1800s. It has a weird mix of energies, because this was originally a site sacred to ancient nations that the Christian culture of pioneer times termed “Devil” instead of “sacred.” The Parks Department has placed a grill on the mound and visitors cook their dinners there! So there is joy on the mound mixed with darker energies.

Bear is one of my totem animals, so I wanted to photograph the mound, because it was making me happy but at the same time there was an ominous, oppressing feeling energy workers know comes from disrespect originating in ignorance.

What happened when I digitally processed this image? I was shocked to see several orbs with prominent faces – and the very distinct image of a wild-haired late 1800s male face, with mustache, ominously present. He looks like a mad Mark Twain!Bear Mound Spirits Close Up

Trees develop many faces in their trunks, as they absorb the energies to which they are exposed.  But here it seemed to be an energy the tree itself was rejecting – the energy lay partially anchored in the trunk, not accepted into it altogether. (See close up.)

The next step after discovering that was bringing up the quality of the image to highlight what I found interesting. And here is where a good quality camera with high resolution and the knowledge of Photoshop comes in handy. Using the tools of that computer program, I was able to bring forward the image of the face. If someone were using point and shoot, and commercially processing it, the image would still be there – but not highlighted, as is possible in Photoshop. The goal is to adjust the photo so that the colors are still the valid ones – but more intense, to show the subtle forms. (Top left image is original image; top right image is adjusted with intensified colors/)

So the exercise is this: in the photos you take, when you see a lens flare, practice manipulating your camera point of view to see how you can shift the image about. But if you feel there is some subtle energy present, concentrate on that and see if you can have it manifest in the processed image. You probably won’t see it when you shoot – but keep that photo to examine in your processing!

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