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It is my great honor to be a friend of the tree spirits. They are our colleagues here on earth, and we are meant to work together in a conscious manner, for the betterment of all.

Utah CottonwoodI have been working with the tree spirits for a number of years now and go out regularly to fulfill their request that I photograph them and show to humans their very real existence.

As trust has grown between us, I have become an accepted visitor in their dimension and have grown in understanding about the complexity of their tree world. There is much to learn. Trees, like rocks, are a very ancient, deep, noble life form who do much to hold the energy of our world for all others to use.

Many trees are nodes on the earth energy grid. That is, they connect to other points with similar resonance in many far distant points. It looks like those tv graphics that show various lines of communication connecting around the globe. Here, the situation could be to connect to lion energy – or ape – snake – or life forms of other dimensions. That is, the image may be a lion, signifying the embodiment of a specific type of energy that earth holds for all to use. There are many different frequencies co-existing on earth, and different trees – species and individuals – are interactive with different energies. Just like people.

A mature tree will embody many different types of energy and may choose to manifest these energies by growing the image into their trunk or branches. Or they may not, choosing to internalize the energy – just like outgoing v introverted people, or people with a message to share v those who are more private.

Once a tree starts to share its energy via images in its trunk, it very seldom stops with just one image. So a closer study of the tree, walking around it, looking up and down, will often reveal other images.

Humans are actually a collective life form, made of the merging of other distinctive parts like the liver, heart, eyes, brain. Energy workers know each of these parts has their own distinct consciousness and each is perfectly capable of communicating their needs and contributions to the collective, and to the human host, if the human will just listen. Presently, very few humans avail themselves of this ability inherent to their own existence.

Trees also often show this collective concept. Your quiet study of a tree where one image has attracted your attention will very often reveal other energies also present – images inside of images, images making up other images – each with their own distinct energy that may combine to form something quite complex.

These complex layered stories are often hard to capture visually. It requires the proper combination of factors, including the lighting at the outdoor location, identification of the photographer with the tree energy, the consciousness of the tree at that point in time (grumpy, happy, etc.), the trust of the tree and its resident nature spirits to reveal themselves to the photographer, the identification of the photographer with his/her camera which actually affects what the camera “picks up” visually, the quality of the camera, and then the processing of the image via production: the visual programs used, the ability of the photographer to work with that program, the image production process itself.

Here is where modern technology has been so valuable, for our cameras and production ability (especially Adobe Photoshop) are becoming subtle enough to capture these frequencies of other worlds. It is difficult to capture in one photograph all the nuances of a multi-life form in a tree, but with Photoshop assistance, one can lighten or darken or deepen the contrast so that the other life forms are revealed and become clear. Much of my work now is learning to master this technology so that my abilities are worthy of matching the gift of sharing with the world the tree, rock and nature world existences whose stories are being shared with me.

I encourage others to start experimenting themselves. Just start – when nature sees your interest, it will reciprocate, if it finds your intent worthy and non-harmful. For example: I myself started by discovering bear images everywhere (bear being my totem animal). Then suddenly green orbs would appear when I was really “in the zone” – the energy identifying itself as the “Green Faery.” Now I can see this energy more clearly, with physical Greenmen and Greenwomen revealed in trees. I have progressed from witnessing simple images to chronicling more complex stories.

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