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Many of us at Crystal Life have found ourselves being pulled in all sorts of directions when solar flares occur. While we understand that these flares bring up emotional and behavioral issues that must be addressed, it can be both difficult and pressing at times yet with an end result that is very beneficial and for the better good. Working through these emotional and behavioral blocks is a lesson in itself to remain centered through all of these changes.

This is a merkabah grid, designed by Tammy and myself, to help ease this process of change and growth.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Malachite: 1 piece for the center

Unakite: 6 pieces for the inner circle

Yellow Calcite: 6 pieces for the outer circle

Malachite is the center piece for this layout. Malachite works to ground spiritual energy to the earth. When we are experiencing stress, malachite absorbs negativity while it harmonizes and balances. Also an aid in transformation, it assists in being receptive to insight from your subconscious. From there it is easier to see what is blocking your spiritual growth by getting to the core of the problem.

A Merkabah is an energy field which can be two dimensionally displayed by intersecting two opposite facing equilateral triangles (3-sided pyramids if you are working on three dimensions). A Merkabah is the complete balance of duality, light and dark. There are two complete Merkabahs being utilized as the structure of this grid. The inner-most composed of unakite, while the outer being yellow calcite.

Unakite offers a calm and gentle energy, which is crucial to maintain in your energy field at this time. Much like the malachite in this case, unakite integrates light into the field revealing insights regarding said blockages. It helps to uncover the root cause of any dis-ease and allows it to surface in order for the user to create change and transformation in their life.

Yellow Calcite clears the personal field as well as the environment with the purity and power of our sun. Growth and development are accelerated when using this stone. Using yellow calcite alleviates emotional stress, and connects the emotions with the intellect. When this is achieved, a greater sense of emotional intelligence is attainable. The light in this crystal helps to overcome setbacks, which is what many of us may perceive to be happening with these life changes. Then we may understand that set backs are really stepping stones for another reality.

I highly suggest the use of this grid in efforts to better the ability to flow in these times of great change. While a grid is ideal because it will work with an entire space, it would be advisable to at least carry this three-stone combination in your pocket or medicine bag. Most of all, remember that life is beautiful. Even the bumpy parts serve a beautiful divine purpose.

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