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The Flower of Life is a form of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a description applied to the visual graphing of the way light/ consciousness coalesces into form. As pure consciousness descends into form, it sets up points and connections to hold light stable. These points gradually form a pattern. Some people can see these forms, and are able to draw them. These forms exist on a universal level and people who can see energy, in every tradition, see the same core forms.Flower of Life Illumination Art Sticker

When you introduce the Flower of Life or some other core creative energy form into your life, you are helping yourself, those around you, and your environment to balance. In this balance, originating energy can come forward to create peace and harmony. When this occurs, an individual is centered and at peace.

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

I have found it very useful to wear and use sacred geometry in my own life. Identifying with these core forms helps me to focus my energies, and to reach a state of fulfillment in whatever task I am participating. When people wear and use harmonizing patterns, designs and objects, this peace radiates not only throughout their energy field but also throughout their environment. These forms are non-denominational, and are part of the so-called “soft sciences” that are strengthening in some aspects of our world today.


We at Crystal Life believe so strongly in the benefits of this approach that we are developing a number of products that are easy to use, to encourage good universal energy for all. These include mugs, mouse pads, coasters, pendants and cards. These are meant to be integrated into your everyday life – such as working at the computer, when eating, or wearing to allow your energy field to autonomically identify with the sacred geometry form.

One of the core geometries is the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is one of the most ancient sacred geometry images in existence, found on the walls of temples dating back 40,000 years. This geometric is also called a merkabah. It represents the flowering forth of life from source. It diagrams how energy expands from one central point of unified spirit to become every object in existence, and the universe itself.


Flower of Life - masculine orientation

Flower of Life – masculine orientation

flower of life - feminine orientation

Flower of Life | Feminine Orientation

This image is not only beautiful in its symmetry, it is energetically balancing. You can place objects on it to balance out their energies. You can also concentrate on the image to balance and soothe your own spirit. The flower of life has two orientations, which stand for the masculine and feminine orientations of energy. The geometry is the same in both, but the central channel differs – a simple rotation of the form. The masculine advances and the feminine receives.

Double Flower of Life Pendant

Double Flower of Life Pendant


When they are overlapped, the two energies form a delicate, intricate, encompassing geometry – a rose window, such as is found in many cathedrals and temples around the world.

Focusing on the Flower of Life helps you to move spirit into form. It naturally and gradually moves your personal energy field back into balance, at whatever level you are experiencing dis-ease. If you have strong allergies, especially to emf, working with this energy helps you stabilize your immune system so that the medical protocols you are following will hold better.

You can download and print a Flower Of Life Masculine or Feminine for free.

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