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There are, perhaps, many master quartz crystals. We will be talking about five of them. They are amethyst, smokey quartz, citrine, rose quartz, and clear quartz. While they are all quartz, they will have many basic qualities as well as specific qualities for each one. We will discuss these properties as well as ways to use them.



Traditionally used to ward off drunkenness, to assist in releasing repetitive issues such as obsessive compulsive, drinking, addictions, etc., amethyst may be used as a dream stone to assist with insomnia as well as to recall dreams. It works to relieve headaches and migraines. An aid against self deception, feelings of guilt, or fearfulness. It helps one to heal emotionally and to achieve emotional stability.

A spiritual stone, Amethyst assists one in connecting to source, or higher consciousness. A stone for achieving spiritual wisdom, and/or inner wisdom on a deep level. Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps in focusing the practice.

An excellent stone for healing, folk lure states healing problems with the blood or with the breathing process. It also clears negativity in the home.

Smokey Quartz

smokey quartz full length prayer beads

Smokey Quartz Prayer Beads

Helps to provide the ability to move forward under stress or emotional turmoil. Smokey Quartz assists you to be more aware of sound and it’s affects on you. It emotionally elevates moods and mood swings, transmuting those negative emotions. Relieves stress, fear, jealousy, and anger. In meditation, it helps one to reach higher states of wisdom. Physically, Smokey Quartz assists with all lower body issues and organs. It removes toxins as well as assisting with ADD and hyperactivity.


Called the “Success Stone”, citrine promotes success, prosperity, and abundance by aiding in manifesting one’s desires and hopes. Citrine dissipates negativity of all kinds and on all levels, clearing those unwanted energies. It enhances mental clarity, confidence, will power, and creativity.

Emotionally, citrine relieves depression, self doubt, anger, and mood swings. Physically, it helps with digestion, the stomach, nightmares, and the removal of toxins. It also brings awareness, clears the aura of negativity, and provides protection. It is an excellent dream stone, and assists in dream recall.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The “Unconditional Love Stone” opens the heart to all forms of love. It provides the link to the “Heart Mind.” Emotionally, rose quartz provides gentleness in the area of forgiveness, compassion, and kindness, it also enhances tolerance for others. Rose quartz raises self esteem and self worth. It balances the emotions and related wounds, removing the fear, grief, and anger.

Physically, rose quartz attracts love and relationship stability. It eases the transition process for self and others on all levels. An excellent stone for dream work and dream recall.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz enhances energy on all levels. It absorbs, stores, and amplifies energy. It assists in enhancing the thought process. An excellent stone for meditation, manifesting, healing, and providing protection. By its nature, it is a stone that may be programmed for specific uses.

Clear quartz works to balance and harmonize the environment. It will clear, energize, and amplify other crystals. A stone of clarity, it dispels

Clear Quartz Generator

negativity and negative energies. Clear quartz will act to purify and clarify mental activity on all levels, enhancing spiritual growth and wisdom. Clear quartz is an excellent stone for studying as all as for retaining what one has learned.

Physically, clear quartz is a power stone that protects one from negative energies. It assists in clearly connecting to spirit guides or other entities. Excellent for dreaming and dream recall. It also provides access to ancient wisdom.

An all purpose master healer, clear quartz amplifies healing energies, draws out pain, and fortifies and strengthens healing work on all levels.

One may use these in a Medicine Wheel Pattern:

East – Beginning – Morning- Spring – Eagle

South – Growth – Noon – Summer – Wolf

West – Elder – Evening – Autumn – Bear

North – Wisdom – Midnight – Winter – Buffalo

Use the five Master crystals in any position of the wheel that you intuit.

You may also try them in a pathway, in a straight line.


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