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Finding Answers from a Stone

Earth-friendly cultures around the world look to nature for answers to issues great and small. There is an interconnection of energies, at a very subtle level, that permits us humans to get the solutions we need should the solid physical human thought process fail us. These ways include working with pendulums, Tarot, I Ching, astrology, runes – and stones. Each of these methodologies works well – when we approach it with respect and wisdom.

rocksnrootsAn energetic, nature-oriented way I personally use to find answers is to work with stones. The following is a traditional Native American vision quest solution: When I have a problem I can’t find the answer to, I will go for a walk and pose my troubling situation to nature. I request the energies to lead me to a stone that will present me with an understanding of, and a solution to, the issue. Then I start to walk on, in as peaceful and soulful a manner as my current dilemma allows.

Eventually, a stone on my path or near my path will sparkle with a special power. I go nearer, to check it out. It could be the most common and even superficially ugly stone. But if it calls to me, I pick it up and find someplace nearby to sit with it (or stand with it, if that is the only option at that site). I start to connect with the stone energy, and then very slowly turn it over and around. Gradually – or as a lightning bolt – an image will emerge from the stone, often with a verbally-transmitted message as well, that brings clarity to my issue. That clarity comes with a wave of peace. For the stone-world has answered my query, and at the same time has grounded the solution “in stone” for me to successfully work with. The answer will not be what I want to hear…but what the energetic truth is.

Try it sometime!


Tiger Eye Runes

Each divination method works differently because the realm of energy it is connected to is different. So it frequently depends upon the type of information I require, which method I will use.

I will usually start by sitting quietly and trying to access the solution internal to myself. That is always the most successful way, as long as you have a detachment to the situation and are clear inside yourself so that you can access absolute truth on the matter.

But what matters is accurately knowing your truth-seeking options, which comes from exploring options. So by now, after years of exploration, I know that if I am not currently capable of finding the truth of a situation…my next step is to ask my own personal guides. For me, these guides consist of my higher self, the angels, and various of the other-dimensional beings with whom I converse (each of whom is knowledgeable in a specific way). From there, I might explore the tarot (if via the Celtic Spread I am seeking to understand the energies of a situation), the I Ching (if I want to understand how the situation is universally categorized, and what the changing lines are indicating is occurring subtly), astrology (for major movements of the heavens that are energetically pulling on myself and my world). Others of my staff prefer to work with runes or with the Ogam.

 Amethyst Point Chakra Pendulum with Gemstone Chain

I used to work extensively with the pendulum until, from years of pendulum use, I gradually internalized the fact-finding process. I became able to body dowse and now I simply ask the question and by body “dowsing” the energy, inwardly “surf” through the energy fields to the source answer. In general, this dowsing process works better for providing the answers to other people for you need to be very detached to do this, and for myself, there might be emotional distorting charges involved. But for most, the pendulum is an excellent tool because it enables universal truths to channel down through the body and into the physical vehicle of a tool with whom the user has already established a workable answer system.

The bottom line is that there are many ways to locate the truth. It all depends upon your own system of truth-seeking, and ways you are willing to work to expand for better energetic fact finding. All have helped some of the people some of the time. It’s worth exploring. It should be noted that using any of the systems successfully is on a need-to-know basis. The systems won’t work well if you are just fooling around with it, or some scientist decides to hold blind experiments. There is a lack of authenticity in these situations and this serves as an energy block between a person and the clear, unadulterated truth.

This article was written by Atala Toy. Follow her on her new website or her social media!

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