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Feng Shui practitioners often recommend the use of faceted crystal spheres to disperse the flow of bad energy and to activate and enhance the energy of any area.  Crystals are splendid symbols of the earth element, which are often hung from windows.  This brings good energy into any area of the home, office or hallway. When the sun catches their many faceted surfaces, rainbows are created and dispersed all over the room, creating a beautiful and invigorating effect.

There are many uses for crystals. The small, as well as medium sizes, can be used to disperse the bad energy of sharp corners, ceiling beam edges and hard edged columns. Hanging a crystal around bad areas dulls the adverse effect of sharp corners that act as cutting blades of energy. Medium to large crystals can be hung from the window as well as at the top of the door jamb.  Large, as well as extra large sizes, can be displayed on a table or similar type of surface because of their weight. When used on nightstands, they promote harmony in a relationship. When displayed on a desk, they enhance and welcome wealth creating opportunities. When used in the kitchen and stove area, they enhance health.

Colored Crystals are used to activate the energy of specific sectors or elements.
Green –  Strengthens the Family Area
Purple –  Enhances the Wealth and Prosperity Area
Red –  Enhances the Fame and Reputation Area
Pink –  Used in the Marriage and Relationship Area
Blue – Works on the Career area as well as the Knowledge and Self Cultivation Area.
Clear –  Can be used in the Center Area of Health as well as any area of the home. You often see it sold in stores paired with a string of different colored beads that is customized by the location or area.  For example, a clear crystal paired with red beads is made to be used for the Fame and Reputation Area.

Crystals can also be used outdoors to disperse sharp energy in corners directed at your door or window. Crystals also work well inside the car. Rush hour might not feel so bad with a crystal at your side. Some people choose to hang it from the rear view mirror, others leave it where it is less noticeable. The crystal does its work whether it is hanging or not.

Like all living things in our world, crystals can create and store energy. Crystals like to be programmed and given an assignment. One of my earliest experiences with a crystal happened several years ago. I hung a clear crystal on a red string in the rear and right side of our home. A couple of days later, I took the crystal down after reading a book that warned against using a crystal in the wrong place with the wrong colored string.  What followed confused and upset me and threw me for a loop.  Within an hour of taking the crystal down, I got into a fierce argument with my husband. Half hour later, I had another argument with my daughter. I was upset.  I tried to understand where this bad energy came from. Two arguments in a short period of time is an awful thing to go through.

After I removed myself from the situation, I realized that the crystal might have something to do with this sudden change in circumstances.  The next day I approached the crystal and apologized for my act of ignorance, taking it down. As I placed the crystal back, I asked it to confirm with me that this was the correct placement. Without asking for any specifics, I placed it where it was originally.

After running errands, I came home to find smiling faces and great news! The first news was my husband’s best friend had called and gifted him two tickets to the Bears game, two very expensive seats.  The second news was my neighbor had dropped off a beautiful handmade tray with different kinds of homemade cookies. First time in 10 years. What wonderful surprises!

After this experience, my perception and use of crystals changed completely.  By sharing my experience, I hope you can enjoy using them too. So next time you purchase a crystal, take some time to connect to it and make it work for you.


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