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In Part 1 of this series on the Lo Shu Square, I wrote about the history and description of the Lo Shu Square. I explained how each area of the Lo Shu Square corresponds to a human aspiration. The Square is a 3×3 grid area, the square serves as an energetic map to any living space. Each space has an assigned number that corresponds to an energy.

In Part 2, I wish to bring some cross-cultural comparison between the Lo Shu Square and other traditions.

Lo Shu Square

As described previously, the Lo Shu Square is magic. From the sum of any of the directions, we get fifteen. Fifteen turns into the single digit six by adding: 1 + 5  =  6.  The number six in the Lo Shu Square corresponds to the Helpful People and Travel Area of a space. Helpful People can be anyone you know who can offer help. For example, if you are a sales person or an entrepreneur, this is where you would place your list of contacts or Rolodex. This way anyone you know can become helpful to you. When you are in search of a job, this becomes an important area also.

Another way to activate this corner is to place a picture or statue of an ascended master.  It can be anyone from any tradition you believe in: Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Archangel Michael, Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Thoth – particularly if they are male. This is the place where the male energy resides.  Also, if you would like to travel to a special destination, this square or area of your space, is where you would place a photo or image of the place you’d like to visit.

Let’s look at the number six or Helpful People and Travel Area with cross-cultural comparison. In the previous blog, “The Truth as Seen via Sacred Geometry”, Atala wrote, “The sacred geometry form called the merkabah is at its base a flower of life or star tetrahedron.”  The merkabah or the six pointed star is the most fundamental building block of life on Earth. In Hebrew tradition, this is the Star of David. The word Merkabah in Hebrew means “the heavenly Throne Chariot”. The number six is always considered a lucky number in Feng Shui because not only is it a sacred number, it has heavenly support.

More on the number six – Richard Buckminster Fuller was a well know architect, author, visionary, and futurist, credited for the geodesic

Flower of Life - masculine orientation

Flower of Life – masculine orientation

dome. To me, the geodesic dome represents the flower of life in three dimensional form. He was also a professor at Southern Illinois University in the 60’s.  He said: “All the definable structuring of the Universe is tetrahedral coordinate in rational number increments of the tetrahedron”.  As you can see, the number six is not only the building block of life, but it has excellent energy, and it is always good wherever its location is.

What does the number six mean in western numerology? A strong sense of responsibility, nurturing disposition, community oriented, humanitarian, service to others, freely renders service to others, love of home and domestic affairs.  These are the qualities that are inherent in a six day, a six month, or a six year.

Feng Shui also has its own numerology method. It is assigned to people based on their year of birth. It is called the Kua or Gua number. People with Kua number six are creative and wonderful leaders.  The number six area stands for patriarch and heavenly energy. It is also associated with the metal element.  People I meet with this number are great friends to have because they are often very helpful.  Find your Kua number and lucky direction by reading my previous blog on bed placement, Part 2.


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