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Fences. What do they do? Keep things out – and keep things in. They are a sign variously of separation, ownership, privacy, protection.

Fences separate objects one from another – the healthy wall of a cell is integral to maintaining good health. The separation between dimensions is essential to permit various worlds to exist safe unto themselves.

So what happens when fences start to disintegrate? Should they be repaired? Removed? Reallocated?

These are issues we are facing today as the old fences that have kept separate people, classes, countries – and dimensions – are collapsing and falling apart.

It seems we can no longer impose fences in a power-over or different-from manner any more. That is one of the consequences of the leveling of the playing field that so many cultures are insisting upon.

It is also occurring between dimensions. The walls and barriers that used to separate human from animal, nature spirit, inter-galactic are also crumbing. We are becoming aware that there are other life forms co-existing with ours right here in the same space.

To solve the social and political consequences of this growing oneness is going to require a rethinking of our society. And a rethinking of the purpose of fences.

I have often observed that the professions people choose when they are solidly in the third dimension are often related to the energetic objectives they inherently are seeking to solve, and become aware of as they “wake up.” For example, I have consulted with IT people and with telephone linemen – both working with physical or base energy lines – and discovered over and over that they have an inherent interest in energy grids – the energetic web (or fence) that makes up the universe.

These fences shown here come in many styles – some you can see through, some are rickety, some are ancient and their use long past. Expect to encounter the same types of situations as you move into the realm of energy work: fences of various kinds, good and bad. Life forms you need to really look at and understand, not hope that if you ignore them they will go away!

Good fences define boundaries for the benefit of all partners. As such, power over will only lead, eventually, to a breaking of binding fences. So lateral respect for each other is the only way forward. This includes respect for your own self – no more seeing your own self as some inferior life form, you must respect your own existence. Only then are you able to merge with other life forms without entering into a state of who is superior/inferior.

We are all the same, all different, all equally worthy of respect, and all requiring healthy fences that honor the parameters of each life form.

There is much to the old New England adage “Good fences make good neighbors.”

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