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We often get requests on how to further steps along the spiritual path. These queries often have to do with activating the third eye chakra. Staff member Gary Lupton created a crystal grid to help cleanse and activate the third eye – which in turn enables a clear link to intuition. 

Ametrine: Opens the third eye activating the higher consciousness connection.

 Iolite:  Activates the third eye, opening the intuition and insight aspect.

Lapis LazuliStimulates the higher mind attuning the third eye to source. 

Selenite: Connects to the Akashic field and higher consciousness.

Celestite: Opens on to the higher consciousness field.

This grid has been placed over one our our third eye chakra mouse pads for greater energy and focus. 

How do you work with grids? The way people work with their crystal grids can be different from person to person. One way is to set your intention before you start making your grid. Think about your desired outcome for some particular area of your life. Stay positive while you create your grid, think about the properties you are receiving from each of the stones, and place the stones where it feels right for you. Do this as a sort of moving meditation. Once your grid feels complete, take some deep breaths and let yourself feel the way you will feel once your goal is accomplished. Feel proud of yourself for doing this inner work. Now you can let your grid sit out for as long as you wish, usually for about 48 hours or more. Need some inspiration? You can find some grid ideas in the Books, Kits, Grids, Bags area of our website. Happy gridding!


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