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With so much technology in our living quarters, on our commute and in our work space, a growing number of us have discovered that modern conveniences can place a heavy toll on our health.

Much of our modern stress, worry, dissatisfaction, negative emotions, and health issues such as EBV, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain tumors, and cancers have a strong environmental component.

There are a number of energetic methods to assist in coping with the increasing variety of health issues we are all experiencing due to various types of pollution now affecting our earth.

When we alter the environment to which our bodies have adapted over millions of years, our whole energy field is thrown out of balance.

Computers, telephones, televisions, cellular phones, microwave ovens and the power sources needed to run them create powerful, electro-magnetic energy grids, or frequency “fences”. Many individuals who live and work inside these fields can no longer draw upon the natural cosmic and earth energies that help them restore their bodily health systems.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Pollution

EMF (or Electro-Magnetic Field) is a broad term which includes electric, magnetic, and radiated fields (such as TV, radio, and microwaves) generated by charged particles in motion.

The field is always strongest near the source. But these energies have the ability to influence particles at great distances. For example, radiation from a radio tower influences the atoms within a distant radio antenna, allowing it to pick up the signal.

The effect of EMFs on biological tissue remains a most controversial subject, but virtually all scientists agree that more research is necessary to determine safe or dangerous levels. Iron, necessary for healthy blood and stored in the brain, is highly affected by EMF.

The permeability of the cell membranes of our nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs is affected, as well as the intricate DNA of our chromosomes. Throughout our bodies, every biochemical process involves precisely choreographed movement of EMF-sensitive atoms, molecules, and ions.

Everyday Environmental Hazards

• Computers, TVs, cell phones, cordless phones
• iPods, palm pilots, wireless routers
• Powerlines, transformers, cell phone towers, fuse boxes

EMF Protection at Crystal Life

You can find protective jewelry and tools throughout our store. We have assembled a large array of personal products useful for existing in harmony with our changing environment.

Quartz Ceramic Crystal Catalyst®

Crystal Life products containing Resonant Ceramics from Biomagnetic Research, Inc. alter the nature of harmful energies before they strike the body. By reducing environmental stress, the body is allowed to resume normal function. The crystal catalyst clears and restores healthy, balanced energy to its environment.

This ceramic includes rare earths and is specially fired to produce a honeycomb structure. Developed by Biomagnetic Research in 1987, it incorporates ancient techniques of Sumerian and Egyptian faience jewelry with 20th century fiber optics – the science that enables telephones to transmit signals around the world. These products effect your body’s subtle energy system the way a dog hears a high-pitched whistle.

Crystal catalysts also helps keep gemstones energetically clear and sparkling, strengthening the stones’ natural ability to help alter and balance energy. Whenever you see any of our products and jewelry made with this special clearing ceramic, you know these are especially effective for this use.

Additional Protection

Other healing substances we use include natural materials such as stone, silk, silver and seed, and energy-potent images and shapes used in our sacred geometry pendants.

If your system is seriously stressed or unbalanced, it is best to introduce these products slowly so your body adjusts to the clearer energy.

Keep the products near you for 1 – 4 hours at a time, increasing over a week to 24-hour use (should you wish to use it that long).

These products are not a substitute for drugs or surgery. The manufacturers and crafters make no claims, expressed or implied, regarding the treatment of any illness or condition. For legal reasons, as well as professional courtesy, we recommend you follow your doctor’s advice.

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