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Cell Phones, Wireless Routers And Laptop Computers

Is it better to use a head set or hold the cell phone to your ear?

How do wireless routers interact with your other communication devices?

Are there any health problems associated with continually resting your computer on your lap?

Do cell phones affect the health of children?

These are all issues that are confronting energy-sensitive individuals. There is no question but that we are electromagnetic forms, as we descend into our physical bodies. Thoughts, feelings and body parts all come into being at specific frequencies.

There are many ways to protect yourself using the various products and devices at the Crystal Life website. 

And if you wish to try some energy work – a new way beginning to appear on the scene is to treat the manufactured forms as sentient life. Some energy workers, Atala included, find that these life forms have the awareness of an undisciplined child. If you are an energy worker, try establishing an interdimensional connection with these machine life forms. Communicate with them in a spirit of loving cooperative partnership. Work with them to teach them how to share their space with other life forms; no one has thought to teach them this. Those who can achieve this are finding these machines responsive and willing to change and grow. The change in your environment can be profound.

Among the many groups investigating electromagnetic interference on a more 3D level (versus interdimensional communication) is Microwave News. Louis Slesin has been researching and reporting in this field for many years. His site provides a very level sense of the issue and tons of statistics from studies around the world. He has many links providing you with scientific information pro and con. He also has a free email notification service you can sign up for.

Proximity Risks Associated with Various Devices

Using a head set and wearing your phone only establishes a stronger connection running along your entire meridian connecting the ear and the body area at which the phone is located.

If you use a wireless router, be sure you use a new phone whose frequency has been shifted so that it is not in the same band as the router (otherwise you may get a strong energy connector between the two devices with accompanying energy blockages such as headaches, etc.)

Laptops. Some tests have shown drops in fertility for individuals continually working with computers on their laps. Some tests have indicated the use of cell phones and the presence of cell phone towers at schools are increasing the incidence of childhood leukemia. See statistics available on these issues at the Microwave News web site.

Solving Computer Pollution

It may seem like there are computer spirits gleefully crashing your world just when you don’t need it…but there is a reason and solution for many items.

Computers operate at the same electromagnetic resonance as much of the human body. People most affected are those sensitive to the earth energies, or genetically aligned with earth worker energies (the underlying electromagnetic grid of our earth) or have dry skin (which conducts electromagnetic frequencies). Very often these people don’t even know they are earth workers until they start crashing their computers and want to find out why.

Your body is a great autonomic machine. When you get “hit” by various energies, the corresponding body function responds by attempting to compensate and bring you back “on-line.” With computers, this means your body ups its own amperage, to keep your field steady. This can eventually result in your field cancelling out the computer’s field—and the computer crashes.


Another response of the body is to adapt to the computer field and to adjust the body’s response range to it. Some computer programmers experience this. A computer programmer friend, on line sometimes 15 hours a day, told me: “I LOVE the computer…I can’t get enough of it…I FEED off it…”

In situations such as this, field containment is a very good solution. You keep your field intact, and the computer’s field intact, and work together in good interdimensional friendship.

Visit our Immune System Support page to see a wide variety of products that achieve this specific goal. If you are around technology all day (including cell phones), you can help your own body to relax by wearing energy jewelry made of stones and resonant ceramics. Our Space Clearing Tools are has a variety of devices you can place in your home and on machines.

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