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There are very few places in the universe in which physical form has evolved to as sophisticated a level as it has on earth. Earth is not a punishment, as many of the lower levels of all religions try to tell us. It is an opportunity for consciousness to manifest its individual capacity down into the gross physical level of existence. – Atala Toy, We Are Not Alone

Monument Cove - Acadia

Mayan Grid – Monument Cove, Acadia National Park, Maine

One of our connections on my Facebook page responded to this meme, taken from my book We Are Not AloneDan Lord asked “I’d love to know what it’s a reward ‘for’. I appreciate the perspective, makes me wonder about places beyond Earth.”

So I’d like to explain why, based on the teachings of the Melchizedeks – the lineage of archangels from whom I learn.

This statement is a very logical deduction when you look at the evolution of the universe as emerging from the one source of all. Depending upon how you look at it, this source has been very busy creating manifestations of its inherent capacities for uncountable eons of time. According to some – including the Melchizedeks – this exploration by source of its own capacities is its quest to evolve others equal in capacity to itself – an antidote to loneliness. This urge to create and manifest has caused the source to send forth sparks of itself, offering these sparks the free will to manifest themselves to their fullest capacity.

For some of the sparks, this has meant an urge to manifest in form all the capacities of spirit – the capacities developed in light, then liquid light, then subtle form, and then solid form. Alas, this descent into solid matter has a side effect: it makes one so dense that one cannot see very far up into the formless light.

Only the very brave, and the very evolved, wish to hazard the density of form, to master it so that they may rest in form still with full awareness of the highest levels of spirit.

Because this challenge is so difficult – yet so potentially rewarding – spirits of different types assemble to assist the soul deciding to challenge the game and descend to earth. So we have an array of guides and guardians – if we could only remember even this most simple matter. And they will help us to reconnect consciously to spirit.

So most human beings are being rewarded for their brave mastery of spirit at other levels of consciousness, and are real warrior heroes attempting to conquer consciousness at the gross physical level. Even if it takes hundreds of incarnations to do so. Because source is eternal and infinite, and has all the time there is to succeed in its own quest for intelligent, aware companions.


This is a reprint of my 2016 blog. With all the chaos that is going on now in the world, it seems like a good thing to remember!  Atala

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