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There are many crystals which help to ease upheaval within the meridians, ley lines, and energy around Mother Earth. Crystals can even help clear damage from pollution and EMF energies.  Place these stones in a crystal grid on a map to help heal larger areas or to relieve symptoms of global warming. You can also place them in the soil of areas affected by upheaval to help heal directly. 

Aragonite Specimen | Varied

Brown Aragonite


 Brown aragonite is considered to be one of the most effective earth-healing stones. This stone is very grounding and stabilizing to the earth. It helps with geopathic stress and unblocks ley lines. Create grids on maps using this stone to help heal energetic issues and/or to restore equilibrium. You can use white aragonite purifies earthly vibrations, blue aragonite refines earthly vibrations and lilac aragonite helps to raise earthly vibrations.  

Black Tourmaline

Use black tourmaline to ease the tension in areas where there are pollution and geopathic stress. Black tourmaline can also help in areas where there is ethnic or religious conflict. 

Blue Tiger Eye

 Also known as Hawk’s Eye, blue tiger eye helps to heal the earth’s energy and also provide grounding vibrations to Mother Earth. 

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper Free Form

Bumble Bee Jasper Free Form

Are you concerned bees are now on the endangered species list? Bumble bee jasper is an excellent tool to help heal the bee population. It helps bees best when used in a crystal grid placed on a map. 


Link the energy of the sun to the heart of Mother Earth when you make a counter-clockwise spiral on a map. Start in the center, it will radiate energy outward. If you start on the outside, it will pull energy in. 

Fairy Amethyst

All forms of spirit quartz, including fairy amethyst, carry a high-vibration. The core of these beautiful crystals focuses on healing into multi-dimensions. Use fairy amethyst in grids to help stabilize earth energy, transmutes wrong use of spiritual power, and gently helps to release karma and toxic attitudes.    Citrine spirit quartz helps to heal disturbed earth energies, resolve conflict, and releases healing energy to all involved. Smokey spirit quartz provides protective energy while cleaning and providing protection. Helps to stabilize environmental pollutants. 

Herkimer Diamonds

Essential crystals to help areas affected by geopathic stress and/or EMF pollutants. Choose Herkimers with smokey inclusions to help heal the root chakra of Earth. 

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is made of the fossilized remains of the most ancient of lifeforms. Sometimes referred to as GreenStromatolite, Kambaba Jasper and Stromatolite help to connect you to the Deva’s of Mother Earth, so you can work with them through the Green Kingdom to help heal the planet. Both of these stones act as a portal to the far past of Earth, so you can return to the past and heal it or bring forth ancient knowledge. 


 An important stone of the new age, malachite absorbs negative energies, easily absorbing them from the atmosphere, the earth, or from the body. Malachite is particularly good with plutonium pollution and provides protection against radiation of all kinds. 


The most common form of mica, muscovite is excellent in grids to help areas where earthquakes are prone to strike. It gently relieves tensions within the earth. 


Rhodochrosite Slice

A stone known for compassion and unconditional love, rhodochrosite helps to heal trauma and the heart in a gentle manner. Rhodochrosite helps with positive attitudes and helps the earth’s natural Kundalini energy as it is settling into new areas.  

Rose Quartz

Providing peace and harmony, rose quartz provides calm to areas which are experiencing unrest while helping to restore balance. This stone also resonates with Archangel Ariel, who watches over the Earth. Use it in grids to help the people affected by a natural disaster or to help heal the Earth in a prolonged fashion. 


White selenite brings in universal energy to the Earth’s matrix grid and also the hearts of all of us who inhabit the planet. Use it around your home to protect it – though if you use it out-of-doors be mindful of the fact that selenite is water based and will dissolve over time so it will have to be replaced. 

Smokey Quartz

Use smokey quartz to anchor your earth healing grids. It will amplify the energetic vibrations of the grid while soaking up any negative energies and stimulates earth healing. 

Stonehenge Bluestone

 Also known as Preseli Bluestone, these stones come from the same quarry that the bluestones of Stonehenge were harvested. This stone helps to draw attention to the portion of the grid of our planet that is weakened or is suffering. It etherically heals, which then manifests on the physical level. 


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