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One of the most significant yantras, or sacred geometry configurations, is the Sri Yantra. It depicts what occurs when creation comes into being in an imbalanced way. The Sri Yantra is drawn proceeding in different ways to graph out the full energy schematic. The way I was taught was that first three triangles emerge downward from the center point (the source) before the polarity balancing process of the universe reacts and sends up a counter-direction triangle. The two sides of the polarity construct then pull against each other, struggling, until finally the energies are in balance and a star tetrahedron appears – the universe is once again in harmony.

Sri YantraI was explaining this concept in a lecture on how nature eventually balances itself. Afterwards one of the audience – Dr. Steve Spyrison – discussed with me an earth carving that had mysteriously appeared in a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. It was discovered by an Air Force pilot on a training mission, and had not been there on his last fly over. It was a quarter-mile across Sri Yantra, carefully and accurately incised into a dry lake bed to a depth of 3 to 9 inches, with no signs of anyone having walked in to carve it. People later reported having seen strange lights in that area around that time.

You can see a YouTube video news story of this:
















What interests me is the frequency with which unusual occurrences such as this occur – the presence of crop circles, etchings in the earth, the presence of complex images and stories in trees and rocks, articles that appear in papers about extra-terrestrial occurrences which are then quickly deleted. There are so many ways we humans are being shown over and over that we are not alone, and that this includes assistance by larger consciousness beings as our young planet matures. Yet large swaths of humans still keep trying to deny that there is anything other than the rock solid physical plane.

I have seen people adamantly deny that there are real life forms other than human ones. Then they turn around and watch a horror movie, end up with nightmares, and come into our store asking what to do about these dark forces. They don’t believe – but they still want help. The contraditions in their behavior totally escape them.

People will readily read science fiction and fairy tales. Yet when a real photograph of these beings is shown to them….they spend their time attempting to disprove the image rather than attempting to understand how such a thing could occur.

I graduated with a degree in art history, and when looking at a series of crop circles, I am always struck by how specifically different various of the crop circle series are. The crafters have their own distinct styles, which can been seen in looking at series over the years. Some of the circles have a delicate feminine feel, while others are powerful and manly. Some look like a beginner made them while others are extremely complex – the hand of a master artist at work.

These extra-terrestrial artists are also sacred geometry practitioners, and my studies with Dr. Ibrahim Karim – founder of BioGeometry – demonstrated to me very clearly that specific energy configurations can and do affect the lines of energy that exist inside a person and in the land.

A study of crop circles and energetic carvings, such as the Sri Yantra, would be of more use than stretching everyone’s credulity attempting to prove they are all fake. For example: some people have done studies as to what types of earth changes have occurred over the years in areas where crop circles have appeared. Also of interest is if the crop circles rest on key nodal points in the earth grid, and thus feed out positive energies to specific places

This article was originally published in 2013.

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