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This article was originally published in the Quarterly Digest of the American Society of Dowsers:

The four of us were sitting on the porch steps: my client (a realtor), the homeowner who couldn’t sell her home, me, and the lonely female ghost who was responsible for the difficulty in selling the house.

The ghost was listening to us chat. She was dressed in early 20th century prairie clothes, from a time when there were far fewer houses in the neighborhood and most of them belonged to her relatives.

I gently broached the issue of the ghost’s presence to the homeowner. As often happens when I do this, the floodgates opened and the homeowner burst forth with a long tale about the ghost’s presence on her property. She admitted knowing what the ghost looked like and who her family was – details the owner had never consciously admitted before. The realtor’s mouth hung open. We discussed the situation for

Dowsing Coaster

some time: that the current homeowner had married and was never coming back and that I could help the elderly spirit cross over, if all were in agreement. The ghost could go to the light and be with the rest of her family. All agreed, but the owner was leery: she had tried many times herself to get the ghost to leave.

I checked in with the elderly spirit. To our surprise, she was eager to leave. She was lonely with no one around. Having just heard that she had the option of going to the light, she wanted to take it. We set space, I body dowsed for the appropriate portal opening for her, and the instant I located it she was gone in a whish of energy. We all felt her presence leave, including the surprised realtor.

Interdimensional Communication

All of us descended from source via vast energy forms that have many parts and levels. We are an expression of infinite energy seeking to successfully and consciously manifest itself in the third dimension. We are also connected to “higher” life forms in other dimensions. When we encounter a new situation where we are uncertain how to proceed, our friends and allies in other worlds can show us how to proceed. Contacting them, too, is initially a dowsing issue.

We can learn to communicate with all life forms throughout the universe via a type of “body dowsing” that permits a person to locate, identify and communicate with any form of life. This is an area where spirit and science are merging quite well. It is a simple technique to practice. Once I have shown it to an energy-sensitive individual, she/he can replicate the process.

The basis for this process follows the same dowsing protocols taught by ASD instructors in the Basic School of Dowsing. Those basic protocols have been extended and internalized to what is called “body dowsing” then further extended to include other dimensions and life forms that exist in our common universe.

Certain preconditions can cause obstacles to success. These factors seem to be field-defining parameters that limit the amount of knowledge or dimensions through which we can travel and the types of beings we can associate and work with.

The first condition is the necessity to break with our civilization’s common perceptions. We have been conditioned to block communication with other dimensions of existence because “they do not exist and/or to communicate with them would be impossible.” So we need to stay open to the possibility that anything can occur.

The second is to understand that, if all existence comes from one source, this is the location where all of us are able to communicate with each other; at the deep source-level. We simply need to connect to source inside ourselves and via internal dowsing locate the source frequency of the other life form.

All of us have used Walt Wood’s dowsing chart from his now-famous Letter to Robin (please click on the title to download a free copy of the book from the Crystal Life website). In dowsing for interdimensional beings, we use this dowsing chart. We hang or swing our pendulums in the ready position, and the pendulum swings to a position on the chart representing the frequency of the being. Gradually, over time, many dowsers internalize that swinging motion, after having observed that there is a slight gradation of energy flowing through the body. This connects our “center” (the spiritual heart in the middle of the chest) to the frequency that the pendulum over the chart is locating and defining. It is then only a matter of time before the whole process is internalized and frequencies can be located by shifting about internally. In this way we “body dowse.”

Third, we need to exist in a state of ahimsa (non-injury or refraining to cause harm to any living creature). If the life-form we are seeking to contact senses that we wish to harm it (or fear it), it will not permit us to contact it in any significant manner.

Getting Started

When we start this type of dowsing, each of us has an affinity for certain families of life forms and it is easier for us to contact them. Gradually, we extend our contact to other life forms. We find that everything is alive. It does not matter whether it is another human, an animal, plant, tree, rock, a manufactured life form such as a cell phone tower or a chair, extra-terrestrials, angels or so-called “dark” forces.

I was once contemplating a particularly difficult job. An area of land had polluted ley lines, vortexes, power lines, traffic and distressed nature spirits. I was deciding which tools to use when I heard a voice say, very clearly, “Well, there is ANOTHER way.”

When this being had my curious attention, it continued, “You can ASK us.” It was one of those “Aha” moments: total, simple logic that had been overlooked.

And so, my journey began. Simply shift frequencies and learn to communicate with the life form in a manner understandable to both you and the life form.

Land Clearing

When I do a land clearing now, I involve the client in this as well. First we discuss the issue that they wish resolved. Then I walk around the property and internally dowse to locate the source of the issue(s). Very often it includes a life form (or more than one) that is misunderstood or upset with the owner. I then come back and set the space where I can communicate with the life form(s).

I internally dowse the frequencies using Walt Wood’s dowsing chart (the chart is shown large size below, should you wish to copy and use it for yourself). I energetically create a three-dimensional self-contained field of energy. Some may recognize this as a Merkabah. I then internally assist the concerned parties (client and life-form) to step into that space and communicate with each other. Unfailingly, they have always been able to achieve this communication. Perhaps it is because each has been attempting to be heard but could not find the proper channel, until now.

I have seen reserved and doubting presidents of corporations burst into tears when they very clearly heard their home communicate with them in such encounters. One wrote me: you “opened our eyes to a new realm of communication and connection we never even thought existed. I was brought to a place where I could connect with my house in incredible ways and reach wondrous insights into myself and my relationship with the world around me. It was an amazing evening.”

Once a conscious energetic connection has been made, the two parties can continue to openly communicate with each other in a spirit of harmony, and resolve their various issues.

21st Century Dowsing

Today, we feel it totally appropriate to dowse which brand of Vitamin C is better for us or where a ley line is. It is only a small step from there to dowsing what kind of energy is living in a locale, what it is, what it needs and wants, and how we are to assist it. This communication will go a long distance toward resolving the needs of the locale’s human occupants as well.

Communication can be with the area’s nature spirits, trees and other plants, rocks, inner earth communities, interdimensional cross-overs, lost spirits, and the living, intelligent communities that make up ley lines and vortices. Our world is changing in frequency. It is elevating and we are beginning to know more and more clearly that there are other worlds intersecting with ours.

Once only the highly esoteric traditions could communicate with other realms. Now more and more people are spontaneously experiencing these crossovers. We can facilitate these communications using dowsing.

We find that we are not alone in this universe, we are capable of communicating with all life, and all of us are a part of larger, interdimensional communities with whom we can make pacts, long-term or short-term, to assist one another.

This article appeared in the Fall 2006 issue of “The American Dowser Quarterly Digest”, Volume 46, Issue No. 4. For more information on dowsing, please visit www.dowsers.org

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