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If we are seeking Oneness, defined as the Group Soul of Consciousness, the true reality is that we are one, we see that all things had one beginning whether by the Big Bang, or the division of Source to experience itself. There is only One Source and only one way to achieve it. Fortunately there is never only one way to achieve anything, and yes, the only way is through diversity. A definition of diversity would be a movement from one point to another with many pathways between the two points.spiritual assistance

Look at the major world religions, all have a cultural beginning base and all seek the one connection, GOD (Source). Each has been at odds with the other from their very beginning. Their dogmas, creeds, and statements of faith affirm their differences and they will not cross those lines. The ancient mystery schools themselves showed that a diversity of thought was not allowed. Membership was selective and through initiation, those selected were under oaths of silence to those outside the group.  There was severe penalty in order to keep the movement safe. One simply was not allowed to filter knowledge out into the world. Many spiritual masters or gurus followed the same principle with their followers. This is not a judgement of any of the above but simply a statement of the energy of the times. If one judges the right or wrong of another, one disables diversity.

Today, comparative religious studies show many of the same concepts, beliefs and faith in the diversity of those religions. Different processes, different ways of getting to the same goal of oneness. Yet their separateness blocks the doorway of diversity. However, there is today movement towards tolerance of belief and still others find it acceptable to have an openness to reach Source.

Examine your life if you will, as best you can. What was your beginning? How many paths have been taken to get where you are today? Do you have a goal you are trying to reach? What will you do to achieve it? Many can help you with advice or teachings. Some will tell you do this or that. Perhaps it is neither “this nor that,” but simply your choice of path that will get you to your journey’s end.

Diversity is the WIND that allows the Flame within the Heart to grow. It is the expression of the fullness of ONENESS. It is a magnet that

Aragonite Specimen - 2"


attracts the Unity of Diversity. I would challenge you to allow it to envelope you in it’s embrace.

Angelite – A stone of awareness, promoting peace and brotherhood.

Anhydrite – Helps one face the tomorrows with the acceptance of all that life has brought forth.

Aragonite – Enables tolerance , and acceptance of diversity.

Moonstone – Clears obstructive beliefs.

Hematite – Removes self limitations. Helps one come to terms with mistakes and to treat them as learning experiences.

Ametrine – Promotes acceptance of others. Shows where we are all one.

Charoite – Helps put diversity into perspective. Promotes acceptance of others.

Hiddenite – Assist acceptance of a “Failure”, and the support of others. Grounds Spiritual growth.


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