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Crystals to Help with New Year’s Resolutions

The tradition of creating resolutions for the New Year dates back to the ancient Babylonians, over four thousand years ago. The first traditional celebrations and resolutions came in mid-March when they planted their crops, according to Babylonian records. Ancient Romans made resolutions in the form of promising good acts to their gods for the upcoming year. Changing over the centuries, our current tradition of creating resolutions is no longer a religious act, but rather a way to improve ourselves and our lives. We’ve put together some of our favorite crystals to help with resolutions – making wise choices from the heart that are grounded and protected. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to learn how to get some extra help from the master of stones, quartz. 

Amethyst Cathedrals - Approx 13 poundsAmethyst 

A stone of wisdom, amethyst will help you to make wise choices as you move into the New Year and make decisions that will lead you further into the year. 


Said to contain the power and warmth of the sun, sunstone can lift your mood, help with determination, and is a known stone of leadership. This crystal helps you to harness your own personal power, to nurture yourself, and expands your consciousness A good stone for those who suffer from S.A.D. – seasonal affective disorder. 


Carnelian Tumbled Stone

Use carnelian to lift your spirits, to inspire motivation and determination, as well as to help when you’re organizing. Long known as a stone of protection, confidence, and of good luck, Carnelian is especially helpful on dreary days or when your mood is low. 


Having a high, fine vibration, selenite helps to clear obstructions and promotes clear communication. Selenite can help open the crown and higher chakras, as well as get in contact with your team and angelic guidance. Use this stone to help hear the guidance of your team and from the universe and to break any blockages in this communication. 


Use this angelic stone to not only foster a better connection with the angelic realm, but it also brings peace to your energy field. Celestite purifies your aura, support healing, and enhance your relationships. 

Black Obsidian Point Pendant

Black Obsidian Point Pendant


Black Obsidian is a very strong protective stone that helps to increase self-control so you can have focus. It also provides support during times of change,such as while manifesting and putting in the work to make your resolutions a reality. Obsidian works with you to dissolve emotional blockages so you have the right frame of mind to manifest clearly and without negativity. 


 The stone of the compassionate heart, Rhodochrosite not only promotes unconditional love but also works to heal your emotional pain so that you can move forward as a more whole individual. It helps you break patterns that are no longer necessary to your life. 

Affirmation Tip

Write your resolution(s) on a piece of paper and place a Quartz pyramid, obelisk, tower or generator on top of it. The intention of the resolution will be amplified by the quartz, and the “point” of the quartz will bring focus. 

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