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The Summer Solstice arrives every year on June 20 or 21. Celebrated in modern times as the longest day of the year and the official start of summer, in days gone by there were other traditions associated with this solar anniversary. Midsummer festivals have long been associated with the time of the Summer Solstice because at one point in history, the beginning of summer was observed on May 1. The solstice was once called St. John’s Day and on St. John’s Eve bonfires burned to celebrate the power and warmth of the sun, as well as the Celtic goddess of fertility and love, Aine.  

For the Celts, Summer Solstice was a prime time for connecting with the faery realm. Because they were worried about being lost in the faery world, the Celts wore their clothes inside out and carried leaves of the rue plant – a potent smelling evergreen. Here are some of our favorite stones that capture the energy of summer and the ancient rites and rituals for this time of year. 

Sunstone – Sunstone is a stone of good will and optimism. Having invigorating energy, sunstone was once considered a magical talisman that attracted prosperity and good health. 

Rose Quartz – This stone promotes love on every level of life and stabilizes your emotions. Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz teaches you to empower yourself with positive thoughts, choices, and expression. 

Carnelian – Summer is a time when creative energy is at a high point. Carnelian helps to keep you energized and grateful for the blessings in your life, as well as for those you are creating. 

Labradorite – A stone of exceptional spiritual power, labradorite helps to spark the imagination and raise your level of creativity. Labradorite is


also a stone of protection. Hold a piece of labradorite over your crown chakra. The labradorite will align the physical and etheric bodies – this creates higher energy that will shield you from detrimental outside influences. 

Topaz – In Sanskrit, topaz means fire. It is named after the sun for the activating life force energy of this stone. This is a stone of friendship, love, gentle nature, and fidelity. The ancients believed if you gave a loved one a topaz pendant, it provided protection and kept them safe. Wear topaz during the solstice to help connect to other dimensions of consciousness. 

Citrine – Another stone that is associated with the sun, citrine is also known for its ability to attract abundance of all kinds. Citrine helps you to stay positive, and focus on what you wish to manifest.