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Can you travel to other times and dimensions with the help of stones? If you’re a fan of Outlander, you know that, at least in author Diana Gabaldon’s mind, it is possible! Here are some stones that put in touch with this energy, as based on that series.

Preseli Bluestone:  Found in Wales, these are the same stones the make up Stonehenge. In Outlander, stone circles help transport you to other passages of time.

Lodestone: Excellent for grounding and protection during your travels.

Ruby: A stone of passion, it is considered the queen of gemstones and the stone of kings. This stone works with your life force energy and is grounding.

Tektite: Formed from meteorites that crash into the earth, these space traveling stones have many legends surrounding them. The ancient Chinese referred to it as the Inkstone of the Thundergod, in India they’re known as the sacred stone of Krishna, and in Australia, they’re considered a stone of magic by the Aboriginals.

Chrysanthemum Stone: Stone of harmonious transformation, helps you to follow your dreams.

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