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Amethyst Cathedral 2

Hematite Ring

There are so many crystals to learn about! Not sure where to start? You can always begin with crystals that you feel drawn to. If you enjoy Citrine, check out our Library page here. If you’re still unsure, just look for our Crystals Of The Week post! We’ll be sharing new crystals on a regular basis. You can simply read our posts or click the links and dive deeper. Enjoy!

Let’s start with one of the favorites – Amethyst. This primarily purple beauty is full of calming, protective energy. It helps you to focus when you’re feeling scattered and is helpful as an aid in recovering from addictions. If you feel that your intuition needs a boost, meditate with or wear Amethyst. 

HematitePrehnite rectangular pendant 5/8" is an excellent stone for protection and grounding. It provides balance and helps you feel less vulnerable. Working with or wearing Hematite gives your willpower and self-confidence an upgrade. Hematite Rings are very popular for their ability to carry grounding energy with you wherever you go.

If feeling fearful is something you want to overcome, try Prehnite. This peaceful crystal helps you feel more secure. It is very popular with energy healers because of it’s ability to heal even the deepest emotional and spiritual wounds. Prehnite is an excellent stone to use in your crystal grids.

Rhodochrosite is a great earth healing stone, and it encourages you to be proactive in your role as a guardian of Mother Earth. Working with this crystal will help you to attain emotional balance and a greater sense of personal responsibility. It is helpful when you want to turn your goals into action.



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