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Crystal Reality | The Growing Popularity of Crystals

Once upon a time, not so long ago, anyone who loved and collected crystals was likely a geologist or was considered a “free-loving hippie.” Thankfully, much of the world is awakening to the beauty and power of crystal energy. It seems everyone has begun using crystal energy to provide uplifting vibrations during their day. We’ve not just seen an increase of small online crystal stores and individuals making their own jewelry, but we’ve also witnessed businesses embracing crystal energy to improve production, prosperity, and staff output.  If you live in a big city, you’ve likely heard of an entirely new job field based on setting up crystal energy in your home or office to enhance your life and business dealings.  These are just a few examples of the growing popularity and awareness of the crystal world. 

Fairy Amethyst

Fairy Amethyst

Crystal Life has been selling crystals and creating jewelry made of gemstones for over twenty years. It is exciting to see the world embracing the world of crystals so enthusiastically!  There is always a downside to the increased popularity of any product, unfortunately. We’re experiencing a steady uptick, and in some cases leaps, in the expense of crystals. While it is gratifying to see our friends who have mined these crystals for years seeing a greater reward for their hard efforts, it also means the cost of crystals is rising for the consumer.   

Changes & Crystal Exclusivity

Lapis Lazuli Prayer Beads Mala | Gemstone Prayer Beads

Lapis Lazuli Prayer Beads

Exclusivity of crystals began about four or five years ago when buyers from around the world began purchasing entire collections of top quality stones at the major gem shows. This type of buying leaves nothing for those of us who have been shopping the shows for decades. No matter how we adjust our shopping schedule yearly, these mass buyers came earlier and earlier.  Stones like turquoise and malachite are being bought out before the first day of the exhibition. This year we noticed many of the stones we’ve been able to get at wonderful prices for decades had been moved to private viewing rooms. Why? Their metaphysical property value is now appreciated, therefore, their prices have risen to “exclusive” levels, and are now being sold at optimal levels. 

There are other factors dramatically affecting the price of crystals that have been staples of our store since it first began in 1995. The conflict in the Middle East has closed mines in use since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. If these mines have not closed, they have been taken over by groups identified as terrorists or rebels in order to fund their activities. This has made the price of Lapis rise to levels we have never seen before. 

Veins of crystals and gemstones are being exhausted due to demand. Until recently, it was believed blue lace agate could no longer be mined. New veins have been found in South America making it more affordable for a small shop like ours to continue to carry gemstone beads and small tumbled stone of this soothing and calming stone. 

Tri-Color Calcite Specimens

Tri-Color Calcite

Calcite is also becoming more expensive, but in this situation, it has more to do with the safety of the miners getting their product off the mountains where they mine than the exhaustion of a geological vein. Often, their freshly mined calcite is forcibly taken from them by armed rebels who are blocking the roads used to get to their distribution centers. Because it is often a perilous way to obtain their product, prices are higher.  

Gone, Gone, Gone?

Mother Earth is finite and so are the many crystals we so delight and covet of her creation. Some crystal prices are rising because of their popularity, green apophyllite for one, but others are rising because of scarcity. For a variety of reasons, these stones are becoming harder to find and their prices are increasing.  

  • Green based ocean jasper has been mined out.
  • Seraphinite, which connects you to angels, has been mined out.
  • Spirit quartz in any form is at the end of productivity – due to the vein being mined been near exhausted.  
  • The price of lapis lazuli has skyrocketed, not because it has been mined out, it is due to the mines being held by rebels. If the situation in the Middle East doesn’t change, lapis is likely to become too expensive to sell in crystal shops.
  • Good turquoise is a rarity, as it is one of the stones favored in Asia and is being bought in large quantities. 
  • Malachite is skyrocketing in price because of popularity in Eastern Europe. Just like lapis lazuli, it one day may be too expensive for shops to carry. 
  • Moldavite comes from a meteor that crashed to earth in the Czech Republic. The heat of the collision melted earth and meteor – sending both up into the air as steam, where the mineral was formed. It is the only source of this powerfully transforming stone. 
  • Larimar is hard to obtain, costs are rising due to this. 

The Changing Face of Politics

rose quartz spheres

Rose Quartz Spheres

It’s not just big corporations being affected by the new tariffs being created by the current administration in America, the crystal world is as well.  Because crystals are mined and distributed around the world, we must work with these different changes. Products we used to be able to purchase with a relatively quick turnaround now may require four months or longer for us to receive. We don’t know if this wait time will continue to grow or if in time we may not be able to get them at all. 

Living the Crystal Life – Our Commitment 

Despite the popularity of crystals, we are seeing other store-front crystal stores shuttering their businesses because of the rising costs of owning a brick and mortar business. The expense of having a staff, raising taxes and rent, not to mention the rising cost of crystals are causing dilemmas for the small business crystal owner.  

Nevertheless, Crystal Life is dedicated at its core to provide the natural energy of Mother Earth to all of you. We continue to buy the best quality and highest vibration crystals. 


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