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From November through December in the U.S., we are a flurry of holidays, family get-togethers, office parties, holiday shopping, and celebrations. Life moves pretty fast for these six weeks, and at Crystal Life we depend on our stones to helps us manage this energy. Here are some of our favorite stones to help make your holidays feel a bit more cozy and stress free.

Stones to Help with Stress

If you tend to feel a bit more stressed at the holidays, whether it be the added travelers on the commute, the demands on your free time, your job gearing up another level, or even having to spend more time with people who push your buttons, these stones promote calm, sooth nerves, and help relieve stress.

Chrysocolla CardChrysocolla – A very peaceful stone, during times of stress Chrysocolla works with your personal energy field to provide calm and peace.  A stone of communication that is devoted to expression through compassion and strengthening of character. Teaches that genuine power comes through gentleness.

Amazonite – A stone of truth, honor, integrity, hope, and trust, Amazonite is also a stone of communication. Amazonite also has a very peaceful quality that helps to soothe nerves and dissolve stress. Helps you to communicate your true thoughts and feelings in a non-emotional way. Helps with overcoming loneliness.

Sunstone | Crystal Life



Sunstone – Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone helps you to find the blessings in life and increases enthusiasm. This stone helps to increase your vitality and helps to alleviate fear and stress.

Yellow Calcite – Boosts your energy, increases hope, and your sense of self-worth. Known for stimulating the intellect, Yellow Calcite is also a stone of joy. This stone helps you to relax and connects you to your higher guidance.


Black Tourmaline – A powerful grounding stone, Black Tourmaline is considered one of the best protective stones. Increases vitality, promotes a laid back attitude, clear rational thought as well as releasing stress.

Picture Jasper – A stone of comfort, harmony, and alleviates fear. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, Picture Jasper helps you to see the big picture while remaining grounded and detached.

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