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Wildfires have been raging in North America for months now. Tirelessly, first responders have been working to save large patches of forests and national parks. This grid was created in support of their work, to support them individually & as a team, and to create peace in a time of chaos. We placed the grid over the western part of the United States and Canada to help the areas affected this season. It also is appropriate that we created this grid on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, in which first responders were such an integral part. This grid can be recreated to support first responders in any situation or location. 

Maltese Cross: A symbol of firefighters and police departments, as first responders are the focus of our grid, it is in the center. It is also called a St. Florian Cross. 

Fuschite: “How to be of service” – Helps with mental clarity, helps you to not put yourself needlessly in danger, and not to seek martyrdom.  

Topaz with Hematoid Quartz
: Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, & recharges your energy field. The hematoid grounds this energy. Puts the first responders in a good clean space.

Iolite: Provides intuitive insight, stimulates connection to “inner knowing.” Clears thought forms. 

Selenite Wands: Brings clarity of mind, clears blockages, provides calm energy, and anchors light energy into the earth vibration. Clears confusion, assists with judgment, aids in seeing the deeper picture. 

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