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Let me begin by stating that there exists consciousness, unconsciousness, and the super consciousness. The Akashic, and related consciousness fields, are accessible to all, but that connection needs to be developed. Within the chaos/void there is the potential for all things to exist, to come into manifestation. By our thought processes, we ask the why, where, and what if questions which connect us to the void and through that conscious connection assist the information to transfer into our third dimension.

rose quartz skullSo where do crystal/gemstone skulls come in? What we know of these tools derive from legend, myth, or channeled materials. We are told that they represent the twelve star systems/planets who seeded this planet, earth, with the twelve DNA strands. These twelve skulls carry important information for us and our future. With these twelve comes a thirteenth skull that controls/empowers the others in their grid.

What then, do these crystal/gemstone skulls represent? The skull itself represents mankind’s mortality, allowing us to see life has limitations. Secondly, it represents differing levels of consciousness. Not only that the consciousness of man resides within the organic brain, but ultimately beyond the confines of the bony structure of the head. Consciousness resides again not just on one level but all levels. These special crystal/gemstone tools help us to access the available consciousness.

The original thirteen skulls were created, and seeded, with the necessary information for us to interact with. We are told that some of these skulls have been found while others are yet to appear. There are those who inaccurately claim to possess one of the original skulls, and those who would deny their existence. It is ancient prophesy that when the need arises, they all will be found, and activated by those who have the highest good of humanity at heart. These are the Special Set, The Thirteen. Others speak of multiples of thirteen, each with their own agendas. Several museums have these in their collections while others are in private hands or groups. Many of these are from ancient cultures.

Today we see that many indigenous shamans/healers are in possession of crystal/gemstone skulls of various sizes. These are used in various ceremonies and rituals for connection with spirit and spirit guides. Many are used in healing ceremonies. Today, many societies, organizations, groups and individuals use both ancient and modern skulls to connect with spirit or for healing. There are, on the market, an abundance of both ancient and modern skulls, and for many a skull is a popular conversation piece to have. Many of these ancient specimens have no tool markings on them while the modern ones have machine or tool marks distinguishing them.

The questions one might ask is: Are they valid? Can they be used to connect with spirit? Could it be that they are just filling the need to own one? If you own a modern skull, what does it do? How do you use it? Is it just the odd piece, the conversation starter? How can you make it into a tool for your spiritual journey?

Some would have you bring your crystal/gemstone skulls to a special initiation ceremony. You would then gather before dawn, holding your skull up to the sun as it rises. Then, as the sun hits the skull, you would invoke the morphogenetic field of skull consciousness, and it would become empowered (initiated) by the sun energy. Another process would be to attend a gathering of the Major Ancient Skulls, and have your particular one attuned with the energy of these.

Another way of activation is through meditation. Connect with the skull energy consciousness, becoming one with it. In the meditation, connect with the morphogenetic skull field, and higher consciousness. Ask that it may be activated for you. Hold your skull up and ask it to be connected to the highest consciousness available to you and your highest good. You may feel the energy surround you, and become one with it. Thank the connection, set the charged piece aside for a day or two to integrate. When it feels right, reconnect with it, see if it will give you a name for itself. Does it have a purpose in working with you?

If you wish to work with a skull for a high purpose, I am confident that you either have a skull or will find one that will work with you. Treat it respectfully.

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