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The vibrations or frequencies of crystals/gemstones and color (chroma) are rising. These are used in many healing experiences including Crystal Healing, Color Healing, and Sound Healing.

Here are the tools you will need in order to experience this work in the following exercise.

1. Crystals and Gemstones of various colors

2. The Chromatic Scale

C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C

The use of a pitch pipe, Harmonica, or other instrument is advisable. You may also sing the tone.

3. Some knowledge of the Chakras

Base – Red – C

Sacral – Orange – D

Solar Plexus – Yellow – E

Heart – Green – F

Throat – Blue – G

Third Eye – Indigo – A

Crown – Violet/White – B

4. A knowledge of the complementary color wheel, as you can mix colors for specific experiences.

Now let us experiment.

You have hurt your back and have pain. First see your Doctor for their expertise and proper medical treatment.

Secondly, or for supplementary support, find a blue stone and the note G#, a yellow/green stone and the note F, and perhaps a Violet stone and the note A.


Blue Lace Agate

1. Hold the blue stone, perhaps Blue Lace Agate. Visualize the color surrounding the injured area. Hold the stone and generate the sound of G#. Do this for two to three minutes. This acts as a sedative.

2. Now take the yellow/green stone, perhaps a lime colored Serpentine. Visualize the color surrounding the injured area. Hold the stone and sound the F note with the pitch pipe. Do this for approximately five minutes. This color and frequency will assist the healing process.

3. Use the Violet stone, maybe an Iolite, and create the A note.

4. Finally, use the blue stone and G# note once again.

Depending upon the colors you use, you may want to use a cooling color afterwards (ex: If you use a red stone, use it’s complimentary color green to cool it.

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