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Feng Shui is helpful in creating good interpersonal relationships and smoothing out tensions between relationships with those people you live and work with. Goodwill created between co-workers, colleagues, friends and family is a foundation for teamwork at the office and home. Emphasis is placed in the Southwest corner, also known as the Relationship gua, for an office meeting room to generate good luck, or with respect to the home, the matriarchal corner for enhancing love and romance.

Meeting rooms and living rooms also work well to foster harmony in the Southwest corner. Arrange the furniture to create a warm and nurturing environment, whether using sofas or chairs, to face each other in a circular or oval shape. This allows for the opportunity for easy conversation amongst those gathered. To activate the energy for tolerance and goodwill, place some crystal spheres in this space. In addition the fire element could be brought in with: candles, lights, along with the color red. Just the right amount of the fire element will keep one feeling motivated, alive and connected to others.

Because we want to always enhance and maintain goodwill energy in the relationship area of our homes, we should stay focused on positive thoughts and keep our conversations positive and filled with goodwill as well.  If the kitchen is in the Southwest corner, display photographs of people you have relationships with and copper pots, which traditionally have been used to open the heart.  When there is storage area in the southwest area, there is currently a dormant period in the relationship energy. Place a mirror directed at the door to keep the energy active.

A dining room is great to ground your relationships in the world. Place some accents for expressions of love in this room to help energize the ch’I energy. Ideally all chairs should be placed around the dining table, allowing for all family members to have an equal part in the family community.

A few mundane adjustments for the Southwest area are to place pairs of objects, such as 2 colorful scented candles, a photo of the people in a relationship, romantic art and art with 2 people, symbols of passion and love, healthy plants, and items with the colors pink, white or red. Traditional Chinese adjustments to enhance loving energy include the double happiness symbol, a pair of mandarin ducks, double happiness symbol, and a piece of art with peony flowers because these flowers create the luck of loving energy, especially in the couple’s first ten years of marriage.

The color pink, associated with the Relationship gua, is able to balance the colors red and white. The emotional impact of pink shows a compassionate and tender heart; however, too much pink may have the opposite effect with the feeling of being the person being too needy or immature and childish. If there is a need to boost one’s feelings of self-love and faithfulness, one should don something pink and feel the change for the day!


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