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StonehengeI would like to talk about stones to heal the earth. We are interested in using these healing stones in a grid pattern. This grid can measure from six inches to multiple feet. If you are outside, you may use the megalithic yard (34.6 in) as your reference point in feet. Stonehenge and other monuments were created with this measurement. The optimal width would be 13 feet, and 8 inches, this relates to Earth Goddess. You may also consider placing the grid over a photograph of the area in question, or if you have an area map (googled) of the area you may place the grid on that.

For a grid, you may use the medicine wheel, or the six pointed star known as a merkabah. Any grid will do, but these will involve sacred geometries as well as sacred measurement. To set up in the environment, you will need to do several things. Locate the area needing healing, ask respectfully where to set the grid. If necessary, locate directional settings. Select the necessary stones for placement within the grid. Find the position where each one goes. Note: this process is done with respect for Mother Nature and with her permission. Tobacco and the healing herbs may be used as well.



These same steps may be used on a photograph or map of the area. When doing this you, will select and specify your stones’ intent. When the stones are set, call in the various spirit energies. These may be the stone Devas, angels, the four directions and their supporting animal spirits. Use the rattle or drum if you wish, or other appropriate sounds. Leave the grid set as long as you feel the need. If the one outside is not on your property, you will probably not want to leave it unattended, so you will dismantle it when you leave. Another option would be to bury it there.

The following stones may be used for your earth grid.

Aragonite – Brown/orange sputnik. Transforms geopathic stress, unblocks ley lines.

Larimar – Assist in countering any type of earth imbalance or geopathic stress.

Magnetite – Will assist in realigning proper directional energy flow.

Malachite – Absorbs any radiation as well as clearing EMF pollutions. Stress relief.

Muscovite | Crystal Life


Muscovite – Gently relieves earth tensions. Useful for earthquake prone areas.

Phantom Quartz – (Shaman Quartz) Helps in healing the planet,absorbing negativity,and environmental pollutants. Types: chlorite,hematite,mica,rutile,

Prehnite – Provides calmness and protection to the environment.Also  will bring you into harmony with nature.

Orange/brown Selenite – An aid to earth healing.

Atlantasite – Brings peace to stressed earth areas. In cases of environmental destruction natural or man made bury it in the area.

Lemurian Jade – Restores natures balance to the planet. Connecting the telluric energies.

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