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Tree at playground

Tree at Playground

I stood on the stone-fenced hill, under the majestic old school playground tree. I watched myself as a little girl fifty years before playing king of the mountain at that same place. It was lunch recess then, on a warm sunny early summer day in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. It was the strawberry blond-haired little girl’s turn to sling others off the rooted play area and thus maintain her position as the current king. She was thoroughly and happily engrossed in her play.

Today, the energies blurred into a column of energy, as they had on the various occasions between that long-ago childhood day and now. I had been magnetically drawn back to this spot numerous times between these two dates. Only this time it was different. There was a sense of conclusion to a longstanding puzzle.

Today, I was suddenly simultaneously in many aspects of time at once. I was watching the younger me as if she were both another person unrelated to me and yet totally connected energetically; and I was also aware of the growing girl in all the different periods that she had stood at this spot and pondered her life.

As the little girl, I was having a wonderful time playing with my friends as we took turns exuberantly grabbing the arms of all on-comers and energetically slinging them off the tree mound to maintain our very temporary rule.

Suddenly time stood still for that little girl. I was in a column of pink rose-colored light with a strange buzzing in my ears. I was aware of time moving for me while everything around me was frozen in mid-motion.

tree root where I was standing

Tree root where I was standing

“Today you are throwing people off the mountain,” I heard a voice whisper in my ear. “But a time will come when you will pull people up the mountain to join you.”

I felt totally accepted, loved and in control of my own energy. This strange energy pulsed through me for some time more, then dissipated and, puzzled, I went back to my game a bit less energetically than before.

Throughout my growing up in that small town in suburbia and later on my return visits to my parents, I would go stand in that column of energy beneath that sheltering tree, trying to fathom what had happened and remembering that I should help people grow, not oppose them. Some visits were during happy times and others during times of personal distress. I could shift focus, walk into the column of energy and be nourished. I felt like I was waiting for that ancient prediction to come true. How would I help? And when?

Then, this time, the column clicked solidly into place. I was now an energy practitioner, working with clients and in control of my own life. I was at the other end of the magnetic column, looking back and from my current maturity reassuring the little girl and all the ages of myself who had once also stood there that things did, indeed, turn out as predicted. We were helping.

The column of energy sealed off and I knew that story was completed. Out of curiosity, I returned to the site once more a few years later, but the tunnel through time was no longer in existence and I no longer felt a magnetic connection to this site.


It was during this same visit to my childhood home that I also returned for a reunion at my alma mater, Swarthmore College. There I had a similar experience.

During my college years, I often had been very depressed, wondering what would happen to me in the future, unhappy doing such powerfully focused mental work when my heart wanted something else, but I had no idea what. My solace was walking through the beautiful arboretum woods that surrounded the college, letting nature soothe my spirit. I would “imagine” the flower and tree fairies speaking with me in gentle, soothing tones, feeding me a type of nourishment nothing else could satisfy. I now know they were actually communing with me, but like many Westerners I could only accept this communication if I told myself I was imagining it.

Path to Alligator rock

Path to alligator rock

There was a wonderful cliff in the woods, nicknamed Alligator Rock. You got there by hiking up a trail, then jumping down a series of ledges. The reward was a wonderful flat ledge overlooking the gently flowing Crum River and a series of lower trails. I felt like an eagle soaring above the clouds while sitting there. I would absorb into the rocks and feel their ancient, patient solace moving up through me.

One day, deeply depressed to the point of wondering whether suicide might be an option, the entire energy of the ledge faded out of existence and a pink rose-colored light suffused me and the area. It entered deep into my energy field and settled in. I could feel the fairy folk and the trees and rocks all present in my energy, supporting me. And I felt a strong, secure, mature presence.

“Don’t worry,” the energy said. “You will turn out all right. Your future is secure; you will do well.”

area where I sat, to right

area where I sat, to right

I sat there for a time, hungrily eating in that reassuring energy and then, peaceful at last, went back to my dorm. I never again felt that life was so hopeless that suicide was a path to be considered; whenever that thought crossed my mind, Alligator Rock would reappear.

Over the years, whenever I returned to college, I would visit the rock and sit for a few moments remembering that incident and assess what I had done to date. I always felt like I was moving into a column of energy that had started long ago and whose top I could not see or fathom. I would ask the energy, “Who are you?” but there was never any response. It was as though the column was locked in space between two points of time. I could enter it, and experience the transmission of energy, but that energy was not focused on the me of now, it was locked onto that distant original incident.

Then, this summer, I returned, sat down and suddenly was totally aware that this column of energy was actually coming from me, the me of this time. It went back in time to that girl of some thirty-five years ago and included all the stages of womanhood when I had sat there as well. I was sitting in my energetic knowledge of the present, reassuring the young college girl that all would turn out well. I felt our energies merge. I felt very strongly that the me of now was supporting the younger woman, helping her grow strong in the unknown manner that she would need later in her own life. I was giving her hope. And now she was giving me a greater depth of awareness of the growth of the soul beyond time and space. The tunnel – the cosmic portal – sealed and the experience in this segment of time was complete. Again, when I would return to the college after this, there was no longer a magnetic connection drawing me to this spot.

Some years later, I learned I had developed this innate human ability to connect with the future as a result of a rather horrific experience in Atlantis. But that is another story…


This is the first of a number of stories about human energy that I wrote several years ago. They were to be part of my published books, but a tailoring of those books for length had me place the stories to the side. Today, with so many people waking up and puzzling through the energies they are spontaneously feeling, it seemed like it was a good time to bring forth those stories and print them in the Cosmic Portals blogs.



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