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We have a Nature Spirit Photo Group on Facebook where people post their photos of interactions with other dimensions than the human one. We ask them to describe what they photographed, and its significance to them.

cloud story Tera Garcia DeMarco

Angel Cloud photographed by Tera Garcia DeMarco

While most of the posts are about contacts with the beings associated with trees and rocks, we also get photos of other ways people are connecting to what some call spirit and others call beings of other realms. These contacts include clouds, water, orbs, shadows, and ephemera that mysteriously appear or are recorded in photos.

There are a number of issues here. The universe is always seeking ways to get humans to listen to realms beyond the physical and there are multitudinous opportunities to do so. But it is a large universe and so we need to be selective as to what we will listen to.

The first issue is to establish a system of guides and guardians for yourself, and in your initial contacts with realms other than human, this may be what is occurring for you. You need to use your human intelligence to start sorting out what is imagination and what is real.

One very safe way to start is to request your own personal angel to please openly communicate with you. Angels are of the light, and work on the principle of human free will. So while your angel is always present, and always striving to protect and encourage you, he/she can be more effective if you learn to acknowledge their presence.

Many times in early childhood, when the child shares that they are playing with fairies or talking to angels, parents tell the child they have a wonderful “imagination” and the child closes down to their authentic ability to communicate with various lifeforms, just to please the parents. The angel obeys the child’s free will, and works silently going forward, for they are connected to you to protect you (we humans are still babies in the universe), and they can’t leave by divine decree (although they can withdraw if the human’s behavior is exceedingly “undivine” until the human wishes to change their ways.) Angels do not have an emotional body and they do not exact judgement on your actions, they seek to inspire you to do what is right for you.Focal Point Guide

Each human also has guides, again consciously or unconsciously. Guides may include passed over family members (sometimes erroneously called “my angel” the difference being family were once human and angels never were), nature devas and elementals, nature beings such as greenmen, meta-terrestrials and extra-terrestrials. Guides are beings closer to the human realm and have personal will so you need to be careful when working with them – e.g. what is their agenda and is it one you are a part of (such as a lineage), or that you wish to participate in.

There are also spiritual masters – humans who have mastered spirit and have chosen to remain in the human consciousness to help others, such as Christ, Krishna, Kuan Yin, Buddha, and so forth. These are beings whose consciousness you choose to align with.

As we humans expand our consciousness, our range of contacts with other realms also grows. We develop friendships and alliances. We learn to solve common issues that are affecting both realms as we co-exist on earth and in the universe, throughout time and space.

When you are gifted with contact with another realm, through some means or another, the deeper question for you to ask is – why? What does that situation mean? Is it to help one side or the other? Is there a way you are meant to cooperate for a common good – and what is that good? Or is it simply a result of your extending your perceptual awareness and these are life forms you are passing by, such as we pass people on a city street?

For example: I dearly loved my ex-mother-in-law, who long ago crossed over. When she would visit us, I would find she had placed copper pennies beneath the rugs, as an unspoken form of protection for us. About 15 years ago, when I was in need of protection and feeling very vulnerable – copper pennies began appearing at various locations in my home. Sometimes one, sometimes as many as 10. There are only me and my rocks in my home, and I hardly every use coin. So after this occurred again and again – I explored inwardly what it meant and discovered my mother-in-law, telling me she and other beings were protecting me, and not to worry. She still, to this day, leaves me copper pennies whenever I am under stress. Now – do you believe that story? Hard for others to cope with, but very authentic to me…

There are phenomena that exist and are provable – and phenomena that you feel in your heart are true for you, but are not provable. There is pure imagination, which is when you want something to be true but you actually need to hone your skills better. There are misunderstandings about what it is you have come across.

And there are the tricksters and ne’er-do-wells who try to coax you down a false path, to prevent you from fulfilling your own personal destiny. Every aware human being is a blessing to the universe, and each is destined to help earth to grow in healthy ways. There are forces who don’t want this, and when they see someone is starting to make progress – they attempt to thwart those efforts. Learning to tell what these different energies are is part of your growth, and is to be welcomed as a lesson but also alert you to be diligent in your discernment.

So all of this is a way to saying to folks, and especially to members of our Nature Spirit Group, that when you start to have contact with other dimensions – treat this with respect and discernment. It may have a personal meaning to you. But if you are going to post this interaction – you need to move to a more empirical level. That is, for example – you may be feeling something from an area, and the photo may show a round circle. But you can’t call that an orb just because it is a circle. A circle on a photograph can have many causes. Your job is to figure out what is occurring – is it your camera’s computerized machinery? Is it some other phenomena? These are wonderful questions to explore, and to share for feedback from others.

While we are open to all experiences in our group…sometimes people send images that are clearly a smudge or an over-active imagination looking at the way some leaves happen to be arranged. So we have an obligation to keep our posts as accurate as possible, while leaving some posts up because they may be exploring a situation that is new to many of us (including the administrators).

To conclude:

There are many ways our inner support team of angels, guardians and guides seeks to reach us, to encourage us, to provide us with information and answers. They are willing to use whatever positive method attracts your attention. But it is always better that once you recognize you are being contacted – you seek to make this contact a conscious one. The goal is for you and the other side to clearly communicate with each other, and establish a working relationship.

This article was written by Atala Toy, Founder and former owner of Crystal Life Technology. She can be reached at her website, AtalaToy.com.

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