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Energy, Allergies, Sacred Arts & Interdimensional Science

Double Flower of Life Pendant

Double Flower of Life Pendant

Crystal Life Technology’s products are excellent tools and jewelry for use in a variety of energy disciplines. Here’s a summary of some of the ways our Products with Purpose® can be used.

Environmental Protection

Whether you are being affected by too much technology in your work space, your commute or your living quarters, a growing number of people are becoming aware that our modern conveniences come with a heavy price to pay in terms of our health. Much of our modern stress, worry, dissatisfaction, negative emotions, and health issues such as e.b.v., chronic fatigue, fibermyalgia, brain tumors and cancers have a strong environmental component.

When you no longer have the environment to which the human body has adapted over millions of years, your whole energy field is thrown off-kilter. Together, computers, telephones, televisions, cellular phones, microwave ovens and the power sources needed to run them, are creating powerful short band energy grids, or frequency fences. These keep many individuals who work and live solidly inside these fields from being able to draw on the underlying natural cosmic and earth energies to consciously and autonomically restore their bodily health systems.

Crystal Life Technology uses resonant materials that soften the harsh narrow-band wave lengths. Using them can help restore earth’s natural healing harmonics to your personal and architectural energy fields. Our healing substances include a specially-formulated ceramic; natural materials such as stones that specifically protect from emf; silk, silver and seed; and energy-potent images and shapes. You can see appropriate products throughout our site and especially in the Energy Room

Whenever you see any of our products made with the special clearing ceramic, you know these are especially effective for this use. To learn more, read the What is Energy Jewelry? article in the library.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred art is a very high, pure form of energy work. Whether your interest is ancient Egyptian, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, the Melchizedek teachings, wicca, reiki… you will find objects that embody and embrace these energy spectrums for spiritual, metaphysical and alternative healing and growth.

Sacred objects can be found throughout Crystal Life Technology’s shop. We provide products and jewelry that focus, through symbols, form and the substances of which they are made, specific strata of beneficial consciousness. These objects include prayer beads, merkabas and mandalas, crosses, and sacred images. You can search for a specific product via our Search Box located at the top of every page.

Crystal Life Technology also offers tools and objects recognized in many faiths to enhance beneficial consciousness and protect from negative or harmful forces. These universal substances include semi-precious gemstones shaped into pyramids, points, globes and hearts or fashioned into objects you can wear to help keep protective energies around you, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and barrettes.

Interdimensional Science

Many of Crystal Life Technology’s products incorporate an understanding of interdimensional science. This includes the knowledge of how to establish beneficial resonances to create self-sustaining energy grids that fulfill specific functions. You can visit our Art, Books & DVDs room to find information on these topics.

Crystal Life makes extensive use of resonant devices that help locate and alter non-beneficial energy frequencies. These include pendulums, which can be used for alternative therapy diagnostic dowsing as well as esoteric energy tuning. We also have merkabas and sacred geometries. Other products, such as our gemstone energy jewelry, sustain a specific frequency in your personal energy field. You can search for a specific stone or quality via our Search Box located at the top of every page.

We also carry products that clear your architectural environment. A number of our products protect you from the frequency fences that are going up world-wide. Through various technical devices, such as televisions, computers, video games and cellular microwave devices, humanity is fencing itself in to limited, very strong bands of narrow wave lengths. These are preventing many from having access to more healing, nurturing, growth-inducing cosmic and earth energies. If you are seeking to prevent these limiting wave lengths from affecting your health and well being, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out the wide variety of products available in our rooms.

Conscious Living and Gemstone Therapy

Jewelry based on an awareness of light field structures is available throughout our shop, including gemstone therapy jewelry, prayer beads, sacred image pendants and ceramic catalyst products. Indeed, this is a major specialty for Crystal Life Technology, which was founded in 1996 to meet the growing awareness that energy structures underlie all life forms of the universe. We can powerfully affect our every day lives by what we keep around us, whether it is harmful or beneficial.

Crystal Life Technology’s products are concerned specifically with body, mind and spirit consciousness transformation. They assist with metaphysical consciousness raising. They also assist with energy field protection, helping prevent non-beneficial forces from taking up residence inside your personal fields and your living and working spaces. We work to provide the gemstone therapy, vibrational healing, dowsing, energy therapy and new age communities with high quality objects for their work. All our products come with a description of the energetic properties of the materials used.

Different gemstones and crystals have basic resonant molecular structures known by alternative healers to embody specific beneficial frequencies. These include love and compassion (rose quartz), balance (clear quartz), wisdom (amethyst), joy (citrine), protection (hematite), prosperity (turquoise), communication (sodalite), and specific combinations to align your chakras. You can learn about various stone properties through the Stones, Shells & Metals Index in our Library. You can use our Search Box to type in the name of specific stones you are interested in. A list of products will be displayed.

Whether you prefer to serve our earth through meditation or through active service, you can find appropriate objects inside our shop to meet the needs of your discipline.

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