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The knowledge of the universe that Ancient Egypt embodied has influenced billions of people over the centuries. There are many legends as to its founding, including the intervention of extra-terrestrials, of the gods, and of the migration to Egypt of the priests of Atlantis at the time of that island’s destruction. It is said that most of the energy workers on earth today have, at some time, had a significant Egyptian incarnation in which they were trained in energetic techniques by some mystic order. Our resonance with this culture runs deep in us all.

Egyptian Winged Maat Kneeling


There are many ways to connect to the energy of Ancient Egypt. Here are some of our favorites. You can find even more throughout our website and store.


The goddess Ma’at is the mother goddess in Egyptian tradition.  She personifies cosmic order and harmony as established by the Creator God at the beginning of time and is in charge of truth and justice. Ma’at regulates the stars and the seasons.  Often confused with her daughter Isis, Ma’at’s symbol is an ostrich feather, which is in her headdress or held in her hand. Ma’at uses this feather to weigh the scales of justice in the hall of judgement. Ma’at weighs the lightness and purity of heart of the deceased against her feather to determine the deceased’s fate in the afterlife.

Wearing a pendant of Ma’at or having a likeness of her will help you connect to her assistance in legal matters and to connect to the divine balance of the universe.


thoth statue standing small


Thoth is the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, patron of scribes, and the divine mediator. Thoth is the Greek name given to him, he was alsoknown as Djeheuty. Shown as a man with an ibis head, Thoth has also been depicted as a baboon. Thoth is known as the god of the moon, of magic, and is given credit for inventing writing, medicine, magic, and many of Ancient Egypt’s civil & religious practices.

Thoth is a good mentor for energy workers, those committed to earth transformation, and are in the arts. It is said that Thoth led a group of priests from Atlantis prior to the destruction of that island, and set up the priestly class in Egypt, the mystery schools that existed there, and initiated much of the high level of culture of that civilization. Thoth (known in Atlantis by various names including Valmiki) emerges in different forms throughout earth history. These lifetimes of earth action have included Hermes/Mercury, Merlin, Parcelsus and St. Germain.

Crystal Energy

Ancient Egyptians mined minerals and gemstones over five thousand years ago. Used in jewelry and household items, many of these mines are still in use today.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

 Prized higher than gold, a piece of Lapis Lazuli was often offered to a teacher by a student upon initiation into a mystery school or priesthood. This stone represents mastery of consciousness. The Ancient Egyptians had a practice of burying a Lapis Lazuli scarab with their dead, believing it provided a means of protection. Lapis was also ground and the powder was used as make-up.


One of the stones that stands between spirit and matter, peridot is formed by volcanic action, when spitules of melted earth are thrown up into the air solidfying there before dropping back to earth. A primary Western source of peridot is found on the tiny island of Zabargard, which is owned by Egypt. Peridot is a positive stone for healers to wear, as it provides a shield of protection.


This gemstone was ground up and used as make-up in Ancient Egypt, as well as jewelry. Malachite is a powerful grounding stone that clears obstructions.


An ancient talisman, Garnet was used for protection and to promote good health. Garnet assists with creativity and balances energy.


Copper was the first metal used by Ancient Egyptians. Mined over five thousand years ago, they eventually mixed it with tin to create bronze. Mined east of the Nile river, copper was used in Ancient Egypt to make saws, dishes, trays, and as writing instruments, just to name a small portion of the items for which it was used.

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