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Quartz Points - Brazil

Quartz Points – Brazil

Everything is energy, and that energy has consciousness. Energy begins in the void as uncommitted, with no defined purpose, it just is. Source calls this energy out and defines it, gives it a consciousness. We then have all things energetically connected, yet having its own consciousness. So how do I communicate with quartz/gemstones? Let us see if we can do that with a quartz point that you have. Did you choose a quartz point to work with? How do you know it is the right one? Does it feel right?

Having answered a “yes” or “no” to any of the above questions is a definite indication that you have communicated with the quartz point in question. This is probably the most basic communication you may get. To go deeper you will connect with the crystal or gemstone Deva. Call upon her for permission to connect. You may also choose to connect with the stone elemental or guardian.

Now sit quietly, back straight, feet on the floor. Relax completely as possible in your chair. Breathe in and out slowly about five times. Focus on the crystal that you are holding, looking at it closely. When you feel you know what it looks like, close your physical eyes and see it with your mind’s eye. See the crystal point either standing on end or on its side. Walk around it until you see a doorway. Approach this door and knock on it. When the guardian spirit opens it, ask permission to go in. If the guardian says no, thank him and leave. If yes, enter and make a request, such as:

“I need direction” or “I need advice, can you direct me to a guide to help me?”

or: “Is it possible to explore this crystal’s inner dimension?”

A response to either question will bring a spirit guide, animal, elemental, angelic, or a spirit with a human form. Spend a few minutes with your questions or your tour. Slowly take a few deep breaths and come back to your body.

Were your questions answered sufficiently? How was your tour in the crystal’s inner dimension? What did you see, was it helpful and informative?

We then have experienced crystal communication which at some levels depends on the particular crystal shape or purpose of the quartz piece. Always remember to ask the crystal’s permission when you approach it. Show it the respect it deserves as it does have a consciousness.

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