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Central Park Gentleman FrontParacelsus formulated what is widely considered the most authentic classification of nature spirits. He lived in the late 1400s-early 1500s and is often considered to be an aspect of the being known at various times as Valmiki-Thoth-Mercury-Paracelsus-St Germain. He divided nature spirits, or elementals, into four categories according to the elements of which they are formed: air, fire, water, earth. 

It was not until the 20th century that there was a systematic attempt to integrate the existence of elementals into a wholistic world view. Chief among those doing so are the Theosophical Society and Rudolph Steiner. More recently Marko Pogacnik, the Findhorn Community and Michelle Small Wright of Perelandra have made significant contributions to the awareness that Nature Spirits are real life forms with whom humans can work for common benefit.

I myself have been gifted with information on the nature of interdimensional cooperation between many different realms who co-exist on earth, resulting in three books We are Not Alone; Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts; and my photo book of nature spirits, Nature Spirits in American Trees.

I experience nature spirits as highly aware and conscious beings similar to myself but different. Just as I, an American, am similar but different from an Argentinian or a French person.

All these life forms in all these worlds are able to communicate and be friends and work colleagues for the betterment of earth. These interactions lead to a natural desire to understand more about a friend’s world.

 I am inviting you, our readers, to contribute your own personal knowledge to our joint awareness of this amazingly diverse planet on which we live. Please join our Nature Spirits Community on Facebook, where you can post your own stories and photos.

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