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Color is such an integral part of life.  We use it to describe many facets of our life, from physical characteristics, health and attitudes, to emotions and spiritual experiences.

We have all heard these expressions:
“I am tickled pink”
“He was green with envy”
“I have the blues today”
“Our business is in the black this year”
The use of color in these examples seem to bring a deeper level of consciousness and emotion.

Everyone has their own favorite color palette.  We all gravitate around certain colors in our clothing, choice of car color, accessories, office and home environments. Often times color is beneficial to our well being. That is why in Feng Shui there are colors assigned to the different areas of the Bagua. The Bagua is the energetic map of a space. The word Bagua, translated from Chinese, means 8 areas.

There are 8 areas around the center Tai Chi symbol of Ying and Yang.  Each one of the areas has an energetic characteristic, direction and color assigned to it.

They are as follows:

East:  Family and Health Area. Green, brown and blue

Southeast: Wealth and Abundance Area.  Purple, blue, red, gold.

South:  Fame and Reputation Area.  Red, orange, brown, green.

Southwest: Relationship and Marriage.  Pink, red, white.

West: Children and Creativity.  Metallic, white and pastel colors.

Northwest:  Helpful People and Travel Area.  Gray, silver, gold.

North: Career.  Deep colors as well as blue, and black.

Northeast:  Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Area. Indigo blue.

By using the colors in the assigned areas and locations, we can harness their energy into our space.  For example, if we are looking to enhance our Wealth and Abundance Area we integrate the colors provided in a balanced manner. An excess of any color can turn ugly after a while.

Some of the all time favorite colors are:

Black and blue because they represent the color of water.  Water in Feng Shui signifies wealth and money coming in. When an accountant announces that a business is in the black it is great news, because that means that the business is making money.

Red, a very important color in Feng Shui, symbolizes fire. Red is an activating color.  It is the ultimate representation of yang energy.  The color red should not be used excessively.  Too much fire can overpower the other elements creating an imbalance that can be detrimental to health, wealth and well being.

Purple, is the color of abundance. It is also the color of the crown chakra in our energetic bodies, associated with the opening of our inner vision.  When the Pope wears purple, it symbolizes royalty and wealth.

Green, associated with spring, is for renewing health and for stimulating growth in any endeavor.  It is the color of money. In China and neighboring countries, Jade is a very popular stone. It is a stone used to attract good luck and protection.  I have a friend who has a beautiful jade bracelet given by her mom when she was 18, an age when she was ready to leave her family from Taiwan and come to the US for college.  With her closest family far away, her mom wanted her to have the bracelet as a protection for her life in a new world.

Gold, silver and other metals are associated with Wealth and Helpful People.  The use of coins, especially as a metallic item, are considered great enhancers.  The Chinese coin with the square in the middle signifies  “Heaven on Earth”. The use of coins is very popular.  They may be used as an amulet, pendant, cure for bad energy, or to invite wealth energy into your home.

Color is also an expression of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. The best way to know what color is beneficial for you is by knowing your element.

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