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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you get a wonderful new energy tool that works very powerfully—then gradually stops feeling as effective? There are several reasons for this.

Protected Love Portal Pendant

Protected Love Portal Pendant

The first is that a good energy tool arrives carrying the positive intent of its crafter and this is transferred to you. So you get that initial burst of expert, focused good will.

The second is that the focus of the tool is to correct a specific aspect of your own energy field and so you will feel this initial correcting taking place. Then, as the field corrects, that process eases off. If you wear the product for a long time, your field may automatically adjust and you may not need the tool anymore. But if it does not fully adjust, or you are in the midst of a crisis involving that aspect of energy, you may need to wear the product occasionally, to stabilize your work.

Third, the object may be sincerely seeking to assist you in your work but is gradually clogging up from the contrary energies it is pulling off of your field. Most stones tend to do this which is the reason why they need to be cleared.

Stones are the first form of solid matter on earth. One of their functions is to hold frequency for other life forms to work with. But they do not move very fast!! So once they have balanced out the energy in their immediate area, it has sometimes stuck inside of them. They require assistance if we want to hurry up this process and help them to keep working at an optimum level.

Methods by which you can assist your stones and stone products include: Placing the object on a cluster such as of clear quartz, amethyst, citrine or celestite. Clusters operate as families, clearing each other and objects placed inside their field. Other methods include placing the stones on clearing herbs such as sage, placing them under running water (hold them tightly and be sure the water is the same temperature of the stone or your item could crack) or on a bed of sea salt (throw out the salt each time you finish clearing an object). You can also place the objects in the moonlight, or in the sun if the object is not color sensitive or likely to start a fire such as quartz can do. You can smudge with incense or clear with your own conscious intent should you know how to do this.

Protection. A satisfied customer wrote us: “At the end of March, I put on the black bracelet, and have not taken it off. I was dreading a visit involving the care-taking of an older woman. She has such strong emotions and great anger at her old age. She always overpowers my energy field; Guess what!! The bracelet works in the worst of emotional situations. I could instantly catch myself picking up her emotions, and could dump all of the garbage with a single conscious thought to do so. I am so pleased with the bracelet, and I notice it gets more beautiful in wearing it. Great product!!” —K McN, California

Protection means many different things. All involve focusing on a specific energy and seeing to it that the energy field is sealed, cleared and properly activated.

You can protect by projecting love, surrounding with strength and/or invoking spirit guides. For those of us responsible for others: thoughtforms of protection are useful. So, too, is sending frequencies to surround a person’s weak space with a protective energetic fence, until that space is cleared and strengthened. To help you in this work, we have a website brimful of items that clear, support, protect and strengthen. Pop in, look around…with new eyes…what quality do you want to work with? Find a variety of tools and jewelry that do just that…and have fun experimenting. Protection can take many forms from balancing a field (chakra jewelry) to bringing in peace (inner peace crystals) to sending out a frequency that helps protect us from the negative forces that are all around us (protective crystals and jewelry) to helping seal our field from the growing array of cell phone and electronic equipment that surrounds most of us today (EMF protection). Visit the Energy Tools & Techniques section of our library for detailed information on how these products work. Many of our products combine a resonant dielectric ceramic with semi- precious gemstones (which have their own individual frequency ranges and functions). When you are seeking to protect something, there are two approaches: fence in the territory – or make it so open that everything passes through and continues on its way.

Fencing in is necessary when there is fear or weakness involved. When you yourself have not mastered the energy, either because you are acting that way yourself or because you dislike it so much you won’t examine it, a fence is necessary. It keeps out some of the energy…but not all. You’ll have to keep worrying, at some level, about the issue. The higher spiritual mastery approach is to examine, in a detached manner, the energy that is bothering you. When you thoroughly understand it, and how it is a manifestation of source, then you have no fear of it. Its energy will pass right through your field (because there is nothing there for it to hook onto) and continue on through the universe.

Oneness—or separation. Wisdom dictates which is best in each situation. The accomplished master of spirit is one who knows this principle…and that the universe, being infinite, will always present new situations in which this lesson must be relearned. In an article I wrote on “What Crystals Do,” I observed: “When you hold a crystal for even a few brief seconds it begins to vibrate on a frequency in harmony with your physical body, and this harmonization extends to your mind….Different crystals play or add their own unique notes (frequencies); not the same notes you yourself play, but harmonizing notes which boost, amplify, condense, intensify, and dramatically spiff-up your own.”

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