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There is no escaping it, everyone has to clean. Even esoteric people. The difference is energy workers know there are things beyond the physical that require cleaning. So why not clean two birds with one stone?

Large White Sage | Crystal LifeAside from washing the floor and dusting shelves, an energy worker may find they need to clear a room of negativity. The first thing most people think to use would be sage. White sage has been used for ages to restore balance to energies. When burned, it releases a negative ion that neutralizes positive ions in the air. There are many natural cleaners available these days that list herbs like sage or cedar as ingredients.

Many Reiki practitioners use their skill to balance, purify, and energize their drinking water. Why not use it on a cleaning product with the intent to assist in cleaning and clearing a room? Not only will you have a clean floor, but also a charged environment that feels good to be in.

Shungite - Royal - EliteAnother way to incorporate energy work into cleaning would be to use crystals. You could make a crystal essence out of your cleaning product. Stones like black tourmaline or shungite would be perfect for dissipating negative energies. Try a bottle of vinegar, drop in a black tourmaline or shungite, and add some essential oils for fragrance. Make sure to use all of the solution and to remove the crystals when you are done. 

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