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Chrysocolla is a “feel better” stone. Tranquil and sustaining, this stone is beneficial to women and for creativity. This stone works to align the chakras with the divine, while also calming, cleansing and reenergizing them. Chrysocolla is said to encourage inner balance, create confidence and increase the capability to love. Increasing creativity and enhancing personal power, it also helps to overcome phobias, mental tensions, and helps to keep tempers cool. Chyrsocolla helps to alleviate guilt and bring in joy. Promotes truth telling and impartiality.

Within the home, this stone draws off lower energies of all kinds. Placed over the solar plexus chakra, it draws off guilt, and reverses destructive emotional programming. Placed over the heart chakra it heals heart ache and increases the capacity to love. Placed at the throat chakra, it improves communication while also helping to know when it is best to stay silent. Place over the third eye chakra, it helps to open vision.

Chrysocolla brings a calming serenity to all situations. Helps you accept, with serenity and quiet inner strength, personal situations that are constantly changing. Draws off negative emotions, heals heartache, reduces mental tension, detoxifies, heals infections, PMS.

Folk Lore: Chrysocolla is believed to help women who suffer with PMS, and menstrual cramps.
Color: Green, blue, turquoise
Appearance: Opaque, often bands or inclusions
Chakra: Heart
Astrological Association: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo

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