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I have a standard way of approaching my nature spirit photography – taught to me by my inner guides. I go to a location, connect to the nature spirits, let them know I come in peace, that I want to cooperate with them to provide visual proof that they exist and are highly cognizant. Should any beings wish to participate in this activity, please let me know and I will photograph them. Then I go walking, listening/feeling for the call from nature to photograph something.Gryphon Tree

All very simple, really. And the nature spirits are often very nice and explain to me what I am viewing.

But then there are the curious puzzles….pink plastic ties that will appear alongside a seemingly nondescript  forest path – one or two is all – that seem to indicate something important is nearby. Or a shrine will be placed at the base of a tree, as though someone is connecting to its energy, and its image, and is honoring it or seeking to connect to it. Who is doing this? What person or persons or group or culture is so connected to these other dimensions that they are consciously seeking to connect. And not only connect – but revere what that energy is.

Gryphon and portal barrier

Gryphon highlighted and lightened, for details to be seen. Barrier at base of energy line.

Here is one such scene. I took these photos on my recent trip to New York City. I try to always take a full day to walk through Central Park and connect to, and photograph, its nature spirits. Central Park is a powerful location, and is filled with highly intelligent life forms of many dimensions, all doing their different work. Each time I go, I visit some old nature spirit friends – and make new ones.shrine to a gryphon

So walking through the Park this time, I came upon a tree I hadn’t noticed before. It was a dark tree and it had a powerful feel to it. I stopped to examine why – and up high discovered a gryphon. Gryphon, the spirit said the spelling was – not griffin or griffon – which indicated to me a European connection. He was very powerful, with multiple eyes in his side view, indicating he could see in many dimensions. I was admiring him, and tracing his energy up and down the portal gateway he and other spirits were guarding on this tree when my eyes came to rest on… A very tiny, not wanting to be seen portal barrier, constructed of found objects and set up at the base of the portal entry line.

This construction has a very active energy. The light colored stone was clearly placed and serves as a beacon. The structure has a shiny piece of crumpled foil, much like tin cans placed around a crop to keep away birds.

I was internally told that the structure was a further protection for a portal entrance used by the trooping fairies – but was having an issue with small third dimension life forms (mice size) also inadvertently moving through it and into the fairy realm. The nature spirits of this specific tree had called on life forms who could work in the third dimension to construct this fence. The tree is along a thoroughfare, not a place a child would stop to play – and the construction is too intentional for that…

The Gryphon presiding over this portal has a very medieval knight feeling, while the other images are a bit friendlier. There is a strong trooping fairy energy near the portal base – the trooping fairies are the European/British aristocrats of the fairy world, and they would certainly have enjoyed nighttime play on the the large grassy cross section of Central Park that the tree stands on. Fairies will often call on humans to assist them with projects requiring objects to be moved about in the third dimension…did that happen here, or did some life form in some other dimension step forward and assist…there are more questions than answers here..

What do you feel is occurring here? Grateful to anyone with insight on the situation…Here is a short video I took of the situation.

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